Announcer Quote The Robot Vacuum ....Zexonose

NAME : Zexonose NickName The Killer Title: The Robot Vacuum.


Generation 7

Bot Type Game Breaker 5

Handler Charlie Townsend


Strength 91/100

Speed 83/100

Armour 96/100

Intelligence 99/100

Special Moves 97/100

Total Battle Rating 4833

Made in: England

Signature Moves "Rip Spin" ,. "Burning Uppercut" ,. "SlamChoke"

Specialities Leg Turbocharger Sharp Head Horn Wide Flat Fists

Handler: Paul Townsend

The Start

Once There Was A Man And A Boy Called Paul And Charlie Townsend In A Junkyard And They Found Parts To Build A Robot They Ended Up Building A Star

First Fight

A Day After Making Zexonose They Took it To It's First Fight Against AquaBot it Knocked Him Out In The First Round 1.....2.....3......4........5.......6.......7......8......9......10 The Announcer Said and Zexonose Won 12,000£ From That Fight

Money, Losses ,Wins And Levels Of Damage

D.E =Destroyed

H.D = Heavy Damage

N. = No Damage At All

Zexonose Vs AquaBot =WIN N.

Zexonose Vs BlueBot= WIN N.

Zexonose Midas = WIN N.

Zexonose VS HollowJack = WIN.N

Zexonose VS Metro = WIN N.


Later, The WRB Heard About Paul Townsend And Charlie Townsend And There Bot Zexonose One Of Them Asked "Do You Two Wanna Join The WRB?" " Yes " Said Paul Townsend The Man Said "Great Your Fighting Noisy Boy " The Two Arrived


These Two People Did Manage To Win All Of Their Fights

WRB Fights

Zexonose VS Noisy Boy = WIN H.D

Zexonose VS Camelot = WIN N.

Zexonose VS Gridlock = WIN H.D

Zexonose VS Twin Cities = WIN H.D

Zexonose VS Blac Jac = WIN N.

Zexonose VS Zeus = WIN D.E

Zexonose VS Atom = WIN D.E

43 WINS 0 Losses 0 Ties


  • Zexonose Has Never Being Knocked Down ,Except By Atom And Zeus
  • Zexonose Remained The Champion Until All Of His Owners Were Dead

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