Zeus V2.0

Zeus V2.0

Origin: Zeus V2.0 was Zeus rebuilt by Tak Mashido. After his defeat at the hands of every custom bot there was, Tak was fed up. He made Zeus stronger, faster, and nearly unstoppable. He is later owned by Shawn Shucks.


Strength: 100/100 (150/100 in Electro Mode).

Zeus V2.0

Armor: 85/100 (100/100 in Electro Mode)

Speed: 79/100 (98/100 in Electro Mode)

Intelligence: 87/100 (Normal in Electro Mode)

Special: 100/100 (OP when in Electro Mode)

Overall: 89/100 (98/100 in Electro Mode)

TBR: 7456


Super Brainstorm: A souped up version of the good ol' Brainstorm.

Lightning Strike: A strike fueled with lightning.

Special Features:

Diamond Piston Fists:

Diamond Piston Fists allow Zeus to do explosive damage. He pushes his fists into the enemy, nearly squeezing them to death.

Extreme Armor:

Zeus's armor has incredible durability, protecting Zeus from almost everything.

Electro Mode:

The god of the skies summons a burst of electricity, upgrading each of his stats. This allows Zeus to move incredibly fast despite his size.

Opening Line:

It's the God of all Robots, the King reborn, Zeus!!!


The God of all Robots

The King Reborn


vs Axelrod Win Reward: 7000

vs Camelot Win Reward: 7000

vs Touchdown Won Reward: 90k

vs Cosmobot Win Reward: 25k

vs Grinder (Gridlock Rebuilt) Win Reward: 50k

vs Blacjac Win Reward: 9000

vs Excavator Win Reward: 10k

vs Blacjac V2.0 and Axelrod V2.0 (2v1 fight) Win Reward: 100k

vs Overkill Lose Reward: None (Zeus gets taken by Shawn)

vs Tatum Mark X

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