Vital statistics
Title King of the Ring

Ruler of Robots

Generation 3
Bot Type Game Breaker Level 5
Status Online/Working

Name: Zeus

Title/Nickname: "The King of the Ring" "Ruler of Robots"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker Level 5

Status: Online/Working

Ranking: W:2:1

Owner: Farra Lemkova



Zeus is the Champion of the WRB. He was renowned as the best fighter in the league who could take down any bot in the first round. When he is challenged by G2 Atom and his handler Max Kenton, his sponser and creator don't think anything of the challenge. After Atom survives the first round, Zeus's owners start to worry. Rounds 2, 3, and 4 pass and Zeus takes a startling beating from his opponent. The 5th round comes and goes and Zeus is standing, but barely. Near the end of the round, Atom knocks Zeus down, but the judges award Zeus the fight. Although, Atom was given the title of The People's Champion.

He is an enormous, high-level technology bot. His software allows him to adapt to any situation whilst in the ring, making him extremely lethal in fights. His name, which refers to the Greek god of gods, is fitting to his title.

Real Steel game

Zeus in the Real Steel game.

In the Real Steel game, Zeus is obviously ranked #1 on the WRB Stage 2. After he is defeated, he is playable in Local Multiplayer. Defeating him enough times gives the player free Omega Fists, which are Zeus' fists.

Real Steel WRB

In this game, Zeus is the Champion of WRB II as well as the last robot to defeat in the Championship mode. He is stronger than any of the other bots in Real Steel World Robot Boxing. You need a fully upgraded and skills to beat Zeus.

Announcer's Quote: "Never Beaten and Never Threatened. Bow down to the mighty Zeus!"

Gold Version

A Gold Version of Zeus. Gold bots have a much higher stats than the original versions. However, there are no changes shown in stages 3 and 7.

Zeus G.png


Zeus, the King of Robots

Zeus' expression is meant to look menacing and terrifying. He glows a neon green, and has pistons in his arms that enable him to increase the damage of his punches, not to mention crush his enemies' heads.


Strength: 100/100

Speed: 63/100

Intelligence: 89/100

Special Moves: 76/100

Total Battle Ranking: 5,957/9,999

Made in: Russia


  • Automated Fighting - allows handler to simply monitor energy levels while the bot performs self-calculated actions.
  • Adaptive Fight System - allows Zeus to adapt to any situation during a fight in the ring.

Creator: Tak Mashido


Real Steel Basic Action Figure - Zeus (Series 1)

Real Steel Basic Action Figure - Zeus

This toy, unlike others with shoulder pads, has its shoulder pads attached to the body, not the arm. Because of this, it is hard to attach Noisy Boy's arm to Zeus. Other than this, the detachable parts are the same, and he lights up green when his head is pressed.

Real Steel Deluxe Action Figure - Zeus (Series 1)

This version of Zeus has pretty much the same detailing as the smaller toy. There is a button on his back which makes his left arm extend, similar to the movie, but his left arm has no elbow articulation. His right arm, however, does have elbow articulation. Both hands can swivel, his head swivels, his legs bend forward, and his waist swivels to the right and springs back, to make it look like he is punching with his right arm.


  • Zeus has never been knocked down, except by Atom.
  • Zeus has pistons in his arms, which pushes his hands into the victim after his hit has already landed.
  • Zeus also has a function in his shoulder which improves his punches.
  • In Real Steel WRB, Zeus has a gold version.
  • He has an attack where he corners his opponents, gets them to block, then punches their elbows and then uppercuts them. He repeats this until he feels like a change of pace. He will then grab the opponent in the neck and knock the enemy's head off with a single punch. This move is called "Double Duty".
  • Another special attack of his is when he starts hitting the lower torso of an opponent at very high speed multiple times. This can also be improved when his arms get an extra supply of nitrogen. This move is called "Nitrous Pistons".
  • He is about 8'3, making him the second-tallest robot in the movie after Midas. He is also the second-heaviest bot in the movie after Metro.
  • Zeus has the highest jumping skill of all the robots.
  • He is named after the legendary God of Olympus.
  • He has a power core somewhere in his chest that allows him to function properly. He eventually ran out of energy as shown during the fight with Atom.
  • His total record by the movie's end is 34-0.
  • Zeus has the toughest body of all robots. This was proved when Atom's punches only gave his body a few scratches and removed some small parts on his face.
  • Zeus is the only fighting bot in the game Real Steel WRB that cannot have their limbs and head torn off after successfully performing a rip-off.
  • Zeus is equipped with a high class parts (hydraulics) which gives him incredible strength that allows him to jump high enough to enter the ring and allows him to destroy his opponents without one punch.

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