Zage, the Ultimate Boss. This robot is really strong, stronger than everyone else. But that means Zage is illegal to fight in the WRB and even the Crash Palace and Underworld.


Zage was left at the wild by an unknown owner, who was rumored to also be the creator. Legend says that the owner left Zage to "rot" in the wilderness. What he didn't know, however, was that Zage had secret sentience, enabling him to return from the Wild.

However, after a fight with Abandon, Zage was banned from the WRB.

After a fight with Midas, Zage was banned from the Underworld, disabling Zage from even fighting legally.

Zage is so strong, that he is even not permitted to legally fight! Because of this, Zage is now hiding somewhere around cities. Last records has seen him grabbing people up with his graviton charged hands, and jumping up way higher than anyone has even jumped. Zage was also seen striking the surface after some time at air (some sources compare it to Doomfist's Meteor Strike (Overwatch)).

All this and everyone would go to hiding when they see the Ultimate Boss. He was terrifying. He already destroyed some humanity.

Only brave robot boxers can fight this beast. However, it is essential to fight as a group.

Defeating Zage is near impossible. But when you do, who knows what will pop up? Another mystery to solve? Or, could it be a creepy message? Once again, WHO KNOWS?

Death Scourge

Zage is allegedly the General of an organization called the Death Scourge. Learn more about the operation to eradicate them here.

How to Fight Zage

To fight Zage, it is recommended to fight him as a tag team, or a group (preferably by 3).

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