Power: 76/100, 152/100 in Super Drive

Speed: 100/100, 200/100 in Super Drive

Intelligence: 98/100

Armor: 57/100, 114/100 in Super Drive

Special:64/100, 128/100 in Super Drive

Overall: 395/500, 692/500 in Super Drive

TBR: 3950, 6920 in Super Drive

Type: Lightning Bruiser - Game Breaker in Super Drive

Important Info:

Height: 8' 1"

Weight: 974 lbs.

Alias: 1) The Shadow Bruiser

2) The Night Killer

Special Feature: 1) Super Drive- Yoru has 2 cores, 1 of them is not always on, so when it does get turned on, it boosts Yoru's stats (Except intelligence).

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing the Shadow Bruiser, the Night Killer! Here's... Yoru.. No Ken!"

Intro: Turns 360 degrees with his arms up. Then does a right and left uppercut combo. Finally, he gets into position.

Backstory UNKNOWN

Move Set:

Basic: R/L jab, uppercut (Stomach & Head), cross, hook, and overhand.

Specials: Finisher) Night Fist- 2 strong left overhands, a right stomach uppercut, and a right head uppercut.

Specials) Dark Beatdown- A flurry of jabs and crosses, and a strong left head uppercut.

Shadow Bomb- A dual overhand, a dual uppercut, and finally, a right chest jab.


v. Bluebot: Win | A.K.O | $1,500

v. Kong Tron: Win | K.O | $1,750

v. Aquabot: Win | K.O | $2,000

v. Kong Tron (Rematch): Win | A.K.O | $1,500

v. Scrapbot: Win | A.K.O | $1,000

v. Six Shooter: Win | K.O | $2,100

v. Metro:

Metro and Yoru take a step forward, and the match begins. Yoru instantaneously jumps forward, and slices a swift, left hook into Metro's face. Metro takes a couple steps back, and gets hit with "Dark Beatdown," knocking him over. Metro slowly gets up, and swings his mallet towards Yoru No Ken. Yoru dodges, and counters with a right cross, a left hook, and a right overhand. Metro takes a couple more hits, with dents all over, and a few pieces of metal on the ground. Metro manages to whack Yoru's stomach with his mallet, and Yoru flies across the ring, falling. Metro then steps on him, and swings puches until Yoru's head goes flying. Lose | A.K.O | $2,500

v. Metro (Rematch): Win | K.O | $2,300

v. Blacktop: Win | A.K.O | $3,000

v. Blockbuster: Win | K.O | $3,500

v. Fat Boy: Lose | K.O | $3,750

v. Bio War: Win | K.O | $4,000

v. Fat Boy (Rematch): Win | K.O | $3,550

v. Hollowjack: Win | A.K.O | $4,220

Battle Log:

Opponent Win Lose Tie
Bluebot X
Kong Tron X
Aquabot X
Kong Tron (Rematch) X
Scrapbot X
Six Shooter X
Metro X
Metro (Rematch) X
Blacktop X
Blockbuster X
Fat Boy X
Bio War X
Fat Boy (Rematch) X
Hollowjack X


  • Yoru No Ken means Night Fist in Japanese
  • 4th bot of Dominic Ranten
  • 1st of Dominic's bots to be made in a different country
  • 2 power cores
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