Xecutor "The Executor of Destruction", "The Deathbringer" is a robot built and owned by Ryan Napier. Napier controls Xecutor most of the time, but Rowe DeRano occasionally controls the said bot.


The Genesis

A prototype Hollowjack, Xecutor was then owned by (insert Hollowjack's owner's name here), before he felt like it was now useless to him. He sold the prototype to Ryan Napier and Rowe DeRano for their old house. The prototype was brought to Napier's residence at Seattle to be repainted red, and to be given a performance boost. After about a week of quick fixes, the prototype was ready and then was pitted on a fight versus Blacktop, in which he won.

Early Brutality

The prototype was dealing heavy hits and dents to many robots in the Underworld. The robot was a nightmare for Underworld robots. Every robot the prototype encounters, he spins up his "blades" and drills in the enemy's body while scoring hits. All these proved to be no challenge until Midas accepted the prototype's challenge.

Without needing any repairs, the prototype knocked down Midas 5 times in the first round. Then, knocked Midas again 7 times in the second, and 12 times in the third. The prototype then stuck its blades onto Midas' head and drilled the f**k out of his face. Prototype wins! And, at this point, that prototype was now called Xecutor.

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