Welccome to Worobo Town, the city that serves all needs and entertainment for your Robots.


Worobo Town is back online! Robot needs may be addressed by Tribound.

Location and Services

Location: The Worobo can be navigated only 2 miles from Blake Herman's residence.


Robot Facilitating Tower

a building that can and will care for your robots.

Leave Robot: Our caregivers will give proper care to your robot. FREE

Worobo Training Grounds

can train your robots greatly.

Combo Train: 4 diamonds

Master Train: 20 diamonds

Robot Energy Pump

energizes robots thru a pump that supplies energy.

Pump: 10 diamonds

Speed Pump: Pumps robot fast but it pumps less than a full pump. 15 diamonds

Full Pump: Good speed and full energy. 50 diamonds

Rapid Action Pump-Action: Pumps using three separate pumping units, making it as fast as Speed pump, but your robot will be full charged! 60 diamonds

Worobo Engineers

builds new robots.

Build a robot: 150 diamonds

Build Elemental Robot: This type of robot is typically stronger than a normal robot from the category Build a robot. 500 diamonds

Legendary Robot Build: Takes a lot of time but you robot will be a total beast with a beastly special powerup. 500,000 diamonds

Robot Vending Base

sells robots.

Robot Dump Site

dumps robots for money, more wins can mean more money. (WARNING: If you dump a bot, you cannot scavenge it.)

Dump a robot: FREE

W-Dump Technology: The dumped robots are sent to a huge plant for grinding into pieces of steel, and that steel can be reused. 10 diamonds

Dump and Part: Only max two parts of the dumped robots can be sold in the Master Robot Store. 10 diamonds with planning

Remembrance: Dumped robot will be rocketed by missiles. This actually increases the money you re earn. 50 diamonds

Planners of Steel

plans a robot fight for you.

Plan a fight: 80 diamonds (only includes 1v1, robot chooser)

Premium Planning: 100 diamonds (includes availability of MorevsLess and Tag Team fight modes)

Nerves of Steel Workshop

researches new moves for robots.

Study: 30 diamonds

Available Moves:

Slipping Tornado: 60 diamonds

Worobo Builders Shed

upgrades robots.

Tweak: 5 diamonds

Small Upgrade: 30 diamonds

Big Upgrade: 100 diamonds

Full Duty Upgrade: 200 diamonds (Includes parts overhaul and improvement)

Legendary Upgrade: 100,000 diamonds (LU includes complete robot overhaul and vastly improving the robot)

Ring Fighters Abode

finds rings for your fights.

WRB Arena, Crash Palace, The Zoo, Immortal Ring: 70 diamonds

Ring of Fire, Tragic Theater, Sinking Ship: 120 diamonds

No Ropes, Swashbuckler Post, Technological Facility: 300 diamonds

Nightmare Ring, Overlord Arena: 500 diamonds

Salvaged Metal Bolts

salvages lost bots/scavenges new bots. (WARNING: You cannot salvage a bot who has been dumped.)

RISKY! Have some excess diamonds because there is a chance that there might be no robot scavenged/salvaged!

50 m: 1 diamond

100 m: 5 diamonds

250 m: 10 diamonds

500 m: 20 diamonds

1 km: 50 diamonds

100 km: 100 diamonds

500 km: 150 diamonds

1000 km: 200 diamonds

5000 km: 300 diamonds

10000 km: 500 diamonds

All Around the World: 1000 diamonds

Technological Crime Lookers

catches bad people and puts them to jail.

Audition House

bet for a robot (a cheaper and cleaner way to buy robots, however it is dangerous)

On Bet: Pyragon (Minimum Bet: $100,000, Winner Takes all)

Master Robot Store

sells parts for your robot.

Worobo Mine

mines for minerals that can be found everywhere or only in the mine. This service can give you diamonds and special minerals. This is also the only Worobo service that uses dollars to pay.

Mine Diamonds service lets you have a chance to earn diamonds. If none were found, half the money you paid will be given back to you.

Mine Diamonds (0-5) $100000

Mine Diamonds (6-20) $500000

Mine Diamonds (21-75) $1,200,000

Mine Special lets you have a chance to earn numerous minerals. Money rule is also the same with the diamonds'.

Mine Special (G-Slate, Elemental Stone, Phenom): G-Slate is typically a more waterproof material compared to Slate. Elemental STone and Phenom are used for enhanced Corrosive Fists. 40 diamonds

Mine Special (Stampread, Sleetstone, Kumatra): Stampread and Kumatra are used for fireproof means, while Sleetstone is made to resist snow attacks. 30 G-Slates

Mine Special (Onxys Shard): Onxys Shards are used for enhanced armor. 20 Kumatras

Mine Special (Geemond, Ullys): 15 Onxys Shards

Mine Special (Heredes Stone, Photon Shard, Twean): 10 Geemonds

Mine Special (G-Asbestos): 8 Tweans

Mine Special (Magobos' Crystal): 30 Stampread, 16 Onxys Shards, 2 Heredes Stone

Mine Special (Bedrock Gem): 2 Magobos' Crystals

Mine Special (Ultra-G): 100 G-Asbestos

Mine Special (Pressurized Atom Stone): 200 Ullys

Mine Special (Asura Stone): 20 Presurrized Atom Stones

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