Welcome to the Wolotto HQ, located in Worobo Town. Only experienced and trickster people can win this.


  1. You can only enter with a 6 digit number and $500,000.
  2. If you lose and you bet money, 50% of that is returned.

How to play and win?

You have to enter with a six digit number (like 135790) and $500,000. There will be a winner every draw. The winner will recieve 50% of each person's bet.

Example game:

Dummy: 123456, Dummi: 234567, Dumme: 135790, Dummie: 341278, Dummeh: 789012

Dummeh wins and gets his money back ($500K) and $250K from every other player. Dummeh wins a total of:

Dummeh's money ($500K) + 4 other players x $250K = $1,500,000!

What are you waiting for? Join now!

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