Name: Wheelnut

Title/nickname - The Orange and teal terror, The lightning menace

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Lightning Demolisher

Handler : Jason Helvink

Status :Destroyed


Strength : 85/100

Speed : 95/100

Armour : 79/100

Special Moves: 51/100

Made In: France

Signature Move : Mime Punch

Specialties: Carbon Endoskeleton


Jason was 10 when his dad, Nigel, had his WRB bot, Axelrod, obliterated by Zeus. That day, he knew he would create his own bot and rise to the top, but not fall short like his father. 

From the ground up

He knew everything there was to know about robot boxing from his father, and he knew he needed to start from the ground up with his bot. He used his father's old fabrication shop that was used for Axelrod and got started. By the time the day was done he had created to internals of the left leg. The next day he made the right leg and armored both of them. That night he made calls and did research for the ideal motherboard and power cell. He ordered them and it was delivered at his house in one day. He was able to save Axelrod's generator so he modded it and made it G4 WRB worthy.He found out how to attach the parts, and knew he needed a second layer of armor for these pieces if things got intense. He got some carbon fiber alloy and created a small 1" thick dome shape to guard the pieces. He then created another layer of steel armor to serve as the primary armor. The next day he created both arms and attached them to his bot. In the spirit of Axelrod, he replecated the face plate and gave it a couple tweaks, along with armor.

The Test

Because of his father, Jason could instantly jump in to the WRB and begin fighting, but he didn't want to risk losing and humiliating his family even worse. He decided to start in the underworld and work his way up. He found a local ring called The Destruction Center and entered a fight against Gridiron for $10,000 winner takes all. In the start of the match he was decked with one uppercut from Gridiron, but he was persistent. He pummeled Gridiron's torso and activated the turbo, then went to work on the head. By the end of the round Gridiron's head was hanging on by two bolts and wires. Jim, Gridiron's handler, said he couldnt take another beating so he gave up and Wheelnut took the win. Jason knew he had a chance at the belt with Wheelnut, but he needed some upgrades to keep winning. He got a new motherboard, making him faster than ever before and increasing damage by about 5 points. He went back to The Destruction Center and took on Subkiller for another $10,000. Subkiller wasted no time in hammering Wheelnut, knocking him down twice in 30 seconds. The third time, however, he blocked Subkiller's heavy punch and went to work on hit torso, and ending with a heavy double uppercut which put subkiller on the ground. Subkiller got up and Wheelnut quickly performed a Mime Punch and ripped off Subkiller's arm. He knew where the punches would be from now, so he dodged and did a left and right jab which eventually knocked Subkiller down for good. He happily collected his $10,000 and went home and repaired Wheelnut. The next week, he went and took on Koutetsu for $10,000. He knew it would be hard, seeing as they were both similar builds. The fight wasn't long. 30 seconds in and Koutetsu ripped his head clean off. Jason was devastated. He went home and got online for some ideas and schematics. He decided to replicate the head of the top bot Atom, but with a slight spin. He created the head seen on him in the photo and attached it with better, stronger methods. He knew then at that moment that he could crush almost anyone.

With The Big Boys

After repairing Wheelnut, Jason took on Midas for $50,000. Wheelnut was too fast for Midas, and Midas only got a couple of hits before being destroyed by Wheelnut's Mime Punch. Afterwards, a WRB scout asked him to fight against Gridiron in the WRB. Jason happily accepted. The next week, Jason was nervous as Wheelnut entered the ring. When the fight began, Gridiron landed a heavy right uppercut and knocked Wheelnut down, but he was quickly back on his feet and he landed three punches on Gridiron's head. Wheelnut then did a double duty and knocked Gridiron over. Gridiron was soon back up, but for just a second as Wheelnut landed a heavy double uppercut and put him down for good. Jason was ecstatic. He had done it. The path to avenging his father's bot, Axelrod, just hit a new level. He happily collected his $25,000 and went home and repaired Wheelnut. More of this coming soon! Let me know in the comments if you want your bot to be in the story!

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