Wendy Hills is the digitally inclined crush of Tweek Cartman. While she claims to be Lesbian, she is known for being shy around Tweek, which means she is likely to crush back.


Wendy, normally wears a lavender beret and an Adidas Jacket of the same shade. She wears yellow trousers, but prefers jeans.

Her hair is black, with a slight wave on it. Unlike other girls, Wendy doesn't tie it up, and keeps the bangs hanging in front of her eyes.


Normally, Wendy is a curious person who is open to new things. However, she still is in the middle of puberty, which means she can be awkward and quiet when talking sensitive topics. Wendy is also fickle with her mood, which means that one wrong word could FUS RO DAH you all the way to the end of the hallway, Just ask one of her classmates.

However, when equally awkward, childish, and twitchy Tweek comes along, Wendy may abruptly stop everything she's doing and read.



"Your really going to gouge my eyes after this"

"Ancient. Love it, or get your fat A out of here!"

Tweek: "I always wonder why you drop everything and pretend your busy when I'm around.


"Mmmm.... Cookies..."


  • In an Anime Fashion, Wendy can be described as a bit of a Tsundere Dandere mix.
  • She is the only known rival of Janise Keri.
  • Wendy was actually planned to be lesbian. But I don't like the idea of LGBTQ characters, so I kept clean.
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