Waspunch is a Sparring bot/fragile speeder hybrid that has exceptionally high durability. He is used as a punching bag, but is also very good at fighting.

He's also the first bot to be able to speak, and is sentient.

POWER: 72/100

SPEED: 94/100


SENTIENT INTELLIGENCE: 34/100 (this means how often he operates with no need for input)

ARMOUR: 86/100

DURABILITY: 110/100 (can live, even when scrapped)

SPECIAL: 76/100

OVERALL: 400/100


Announcer's quote: Here's fate's chew toy. The scrap addict. Feel the sting of... WASPUNCH!!

Intro: Waspunch flies (Yes, he has wings) in and lands on the arena. He raises his fists which glow yellow.

Special gear

Was punch has a wide arsenal of weapons (and gear) to use in the ring.

  • Stingers
    • These weapons are powerful and deal good system damage. They fire a painful electric shock that can jam numerous systems
  • Nibui fists
    • Translated from the Japanese word for break, The Nibui fists are club-like fists that deal HUGE damage to armour. They are capable of breaking blocks and are useful with defensive bots
  • Kizetsu suru
    • Derived from the Japanese word for disable, These fists are straight and streamlined. They can break armour AND snap apart wiring, making them one of the most feared weapons of the underworld.
  • Hakai suru
    • From the Japanese word for destroy, These fists crackle with electro magnetic energy. Waspunch uses these as a finishing move or as a quick way to knock out opponents.
  • Path blaster
    • Was punch has the ability to transform his arms into a blaster that can shoot concentrated blasts of Plasma energy

Underworld fights

Chapter 1: Blue who?


"Waspunch not like being reduced to scrap, but oh well" -Waspunch, while training with Rost

"Waspunch stingers ready!" -Waspunch, when his ability is online.


  • His name is derived from Waspinator, who, like him, is the chew toy of fate (found in scrap parts most often)
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