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-Armor: 100/100 (Nuke Charged: 100000/100000)

-Power: 100/100 (Nuke Charged: 100000/100000)

-Intelligence: 100/100 (Nuke Charged: 100000/100000)

-Speed: 64/100 (Nuke Charged: 64000/100000)

-Special: 100/100 (Nuke Charged: 100000/100000)

General's Orders: Soldier Storm, Gattling Minigun, Turret Mishap, Power Slam, Homing Missile, HQ Plan, Assault Command, General's Support, Grenade Heaven, Outranked, Mortar Might, Destruction Of War, Firepower Combo, Stealth Attack, Self Destruction, Enemy's Disadvantage, Mecha Mayhem, Jetplane Jeopardy, Divebomb.

War Enders: Heli-Chopper, Mine'D Blown, Firing Squad, Napalm Airstrike, Base Demolished, Reinforcements, Terrorist's Crisis, Hacking Override.

Special Support: Battleship Bombard, Tanks-A-Lot, C4 Yourself, Airstrike Invasion, General's Plan, Bullet Rain, Operation Missile Strike, Rocket Launcher Barrage, Medical Problem, Jeep Jeep.

Nuke Launchers (only activated by Nuclear Core): Fat Man Nuke, Devastated Terrain, Wasted, Nuclear Mayhem, Nuke Town, Radiating Explosion, Nuke Slam, Extreme Condition, Counter Ticker, World's End.


Origin: USA

Weight: 1675

Height: 8'11"

Nicknames: The Prototype of War, The Robot of the Mayhem

Metals: Gold, Platinum, Steel, Iron, Uranium, Titanium, Explosive Reactive Armor (this is real metal armor from the military, otherwise known as ERA), Copper, Bronze.

Features: Jet Propulsion Elbow Rockets (JPER), Fight Adapt Chip, Radar Scanner, Nuclear Core, Rocket Pistons, Rotating Fists, Rotatable Arms, High Pressure Bolt Pistons.

Generation: 3

Danger Level: Decimating

Robot Type: Game Breaker

Wins/Losses/Ties: 279/1/0

Controller: Jack Henderson

Wartron is the mix of the world's most powerful military, and the WRB Champion Zeus. In fact, Wartron is Jack's most powerful, and most ultimate creation he had ever built. Made from pure, fresh, and long lasting metal, Wartron is a behemoth of war, and a great and very durable fighter. The JPER (A.K.A Jet Propulsion Elbow Rockets) are jet rocket boosters that are installed right in the elbows that can boost his punches and cause more damage to his foes. There is also a small chance that this might cause "concussions" in his foes. The Fight Adapt Chip is the "brain center" of Wartron that lists all of his moves in there, but has a special feature: it helps him adapt to his opponent's fight style, meaning he gains information of the robot as he's fighting. The Radar Scanner is a scanner not only scanning the bot, but displays a whole radar-like map, making it very useful to stealthy speedsters and invisible bots. The Rocket Pistons are not quite as powerful as DoomFire (Fan-Made)'s Plasma Pistons, but they can still pack some damage to your bot, and makes him punch 3x faster. The Rotating Fists causes his fists to rotate at high speeds, like a minigun, causing to grind some of the opponent's parts and deal more damage. The Rotatable Arms (not fists) are another feature that can rotate his arms and perform the Heli-Chopper finisher. The High Pressure Bolt Pistons are installed in his feet that can make him jump, and perform the Divebomb (which is a foot dive). The distance and height of the jump can also be controlled. The last and most powerful feature of Wartron is the Nuclear Core. Dangerously composed of nuclear waste, radiation, and a few hundred electric giga-watts tossed in, the Nuclear Core is what gives Wartron his true power. More of a last resort tool than a normal combat weapon, this will completely hyper-strengthen Wartron by 1000%, and unlocks a special set of moves called "Nuke Launchers." Jack even named the form when Wartron used the core called, "Nuke Charged." This is yet so strong, even Wartron himself has trouble controlling it. Wartron is sometimes considered "a god of robot fighting" and is nearly unbeatable and has almost no weakspot. So if you ever meet Wartron, say goodbye to your robot to whatever it had done to him.

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