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Title: "The Scrapper", "The Bot Who Survived Burstpunchs Wrath".

Generation: 4.5

Status: Online and Rebuilt

Bot Type: Annihilator

Announcers Quote: The Scrapper of the ring. the Icy Tundra Reborn, Warrior!

Intro: Warrior jumps into the ring, landing on his right arm. Then, he looks at the opponent, steps forward a couple of times, and waves at the audience.

Win: Mimics a roar.

Origin: Alaska

Height: 8'6

Weight: 1789lbs

Special Feature: Titanium Chest and fists,Uranium Core,Swift Strikes (light punches do more damage),Steel Bastion (can block any hit and take no damage).

Special Moves: Pounder,Destructor.

Rip-Off: The Death Smack Down


Armor: 110/100

Strength: 90/100

Speed: 46/100

Intelligence: 56/100

Special Moves

Pounder. Warrior charges on the opponent and hooks,jabs and uppercuts him. At the end Warrior punches the opponent down.

Destructor. Warrior punches the opponents jaw twice,kicks the opponent and punches him until the opponent reaches the corner. There,Warrior pummels the opponent.

The Death SmackDown(ripoff). Warrior uppercuts the opponent which makes the opponent fly,Warrior catches the opponent in mid-air and pounds the opponent to the ground,where grabs the opponents head and rips it off.


EPISODE 1:Warrior

Snow, The Icy Tundra, and one of the bots that made it into the top 15 best WRB fighters, was defeated. His core was ripped out by Zeus. Simon, his owner, was absolutely demolished by that. It almost seemed like when Zeus ripped out Snows core, he also ripped out Simons heart. For 2 months, Simon wasn't seen by anyone, his friends didn't see him, even his parents haven't seen him at all too. Some people have even started thinking that Simon killed himself. But no, he was at home all that time. He barely ate, slept only half of what a normal human should, in a nutshell, he wasn't having a good time. It was only after those 2 months that Simons mind came up with the idea to sneak into the town junkyard and find Snows core in there. Simon was mentally preparing himself for that night. And when Night came, he successfully sneaked into the junkyard past the guard. Simon was looking for Snows core for what felt like hours. When Simon finally saw Snows core, he said in a whisper:

"Don't worry buddy. I'm gonna get you out of here."

And so, the next morning, Snows core was back at Simons house. He has never felt so good in his whole life. The next day, Simon decided that he is going to rebuild Snow. But, with a different setup of moves. With a different look. With a different name. He kept Snows head at his garage. And so, he became normal again. He talked with his parents, hanged out with his friends, and also even showed up on the news. Here's what he said:

"To all of you who thought that I killed myself- shut up. To all of you who were fans of Snow back in the day, I promise you: The Tundra will return, but with a different look and name. You better watch it, Zeus!"

And, after a long 8 months of repairing and stuff, the new robot was complete. The coloring was black and blue. The new setup of moves was never-seen-before and pretty lethal. Now, Simon only had to think of a name. And after a week, he decided, that the robots name, at least for now, is going to be:


EPISODE 2:One Vengeful Robot

.....And thus, Simon was back in robot boxing. Warriors first challenger was an old friend, Fiend. Those of you who read Snows story will know how badly Fiend beated up Simon’s bot. And so, Simon gladly accepted.

ROUND 1!!!

“Let’s see how much I have degraded in this...” Fiend charged at Warrior, only to get his head rammed into a corner. Warrior took the chance and hooked Fiend’s back with all of his force. “We’ll flip me, Warrior hits hard” Simon said as The Apex Predator almost fell of his legs. Warrior’s domination didn’t las too long though, as Fiend quickly and successfuly rammed Warriors stomach, followed by an uppercut and a mid-air kick that badly damaged The Scrapper’s left arm. Warrior then tackled Fiend but met a cross to the face and a spinning left hand to the chassis. There was 1 minute left. Warrior decided to switch to defense, and that didn’t work too well. He was soon knocked out.



“Well, this cant be good.” Warrior has been badly damaged and Fiend was left almost without a scratch. Simon did the repairs in a hurry while Fiends owner looked at him, thinking that everything was already over, and that Simon was fixing his robot simply out of blind desperation.

ROUND 2!!!

It was during this round that Simon noticed that Fiend’s armor wasn’t to tough, and that he always was pushing on Warrior. Simon realized that he can only get out of this state if he uses Warriors pathetic speed. And so, when The Predator cornered Warrior and his owner pretty much thought that this fight is won, The Scrapper dodged an incredibly powerful hook targeting his head and started punching Fiend in the chassis and stomach. The opponent tried to perform a deadly hook again, just to have it countered with two uppercuts to the face. Then Fiend started spinning his right hand and started drilling Warrior’s stomach, while also hooking his face with his left. Then Warrior managed to counter one of the hooks and grab Fiend’s right arm and rip it off.


This round was a lot better for Warrior. Fiend was the badly damaged one this time, and Warrior was pretty much the winner.

ROUND 3!!!

This one was over really fast. Fiend, now with only his left arm, started doing a roundhouse over and over again. One of the roundhouses happened to rip of Warriors left fist. Then, after two roundhouses, Warrior suddenly ducked and carried Fiend on his right hand, and then slamming him in the corner. The Predator was exhausted and Warrior easily landed hook after hook. Then, Warrior decided to test one of his new special moves: The Power Cross. The Power Cross landed on Fiend’s face, knocking him out.


The audience cheered! Snow, now in the shape of Warrior, was finally back in business!

This fight between Warrior and Fiend was so intense, it was called “the most violent fight The WRB had in a while” in the news.

After that, Simon took revenge on the bots that damaged Snow the most.

Then, the next bot on Simon’s list was........


EPISODE 3:King Of The Ring vs The Scrapper


EPISODE 4:Burstpunch

On the next day, somewhere on around 3 PM, Simon got a message. It was from Burstpunches owner, Jason Peters. It said that Jason wants to fight Warrior in a boxing ring called "The Death Circle". Burstpunch was a champ in that stage, and so he already had an advantage over Warrior.

Simon arrived. Jason instantly saw him and they went to the ring. The Death Circle was like Crashpalace, except more cruel.

The Bell Rang.

Both robots came up to each other. Burstpunch landed a hit on Warrior first, followed by a combo of 2 hooks and an uppercut. The combo repeated itself 2 or 3 times, and then Warrior suddenly blocked and counterattacked with a cross to the face and then headbutted Burstpunch. Burst, just caught a little off guard by Warriors counterattack, stepped back a little bit and decided to tackle his foe. Warrior, however, had time to react to Bursts plan and dodged the tackle. The only thing Burstpunch hurt was himself. When Burst turned around, Warrior was already behind him and he started to punch Burst repeatedly. After a couple of seconds, Warrior planned to use Pounder (one of his special moves), but Burstpunch had time to dodge the special move. Warrior now was facing Burstpunch with his back. Burst took that chance and started beating up Warrior. He hit him real hard into the stomach and started hammering down Warriors head. When Warrior finally broke out of Bursts grip, he tried to cross him in the face, but Burst dodged and repeated the same combo he did before.


Round 1 ended.

Warrior was beat up so hard that round.... Simon started thinking that Warrior is actually gonna lose... "Well hey," Simon thought to himself, "Everybody has to lose at some point...". Simon was still worried, though... If Burstpunch did THIS to Warrior on round 1, what was gonna happen at round 2?


Round 2 started.

The two walked up to each other, and Burst was planning to start off round 2 just as well as he ended round 1. That, however, didn't happen. Warrior was the first one to land a hit this round. The hit was followed up by Destructor (another one of warriors special moves), and that knocked Burstpunch on the ground.


Burst got up and almost got hit by Warrior in the face, but he dodged and tried to use the combo he used last round, however Warrior broke out of Bursts grip almost instantly. Then Burstpunchs face met a cross so powerful, he wasn't responding to the remote for 4 seconds. Jason was surprised that Bursts head wasn't knocked off during these 4 seconds. Then Burst dodged Warriors "Power Cross", and the announcer said "30 seconds left until the end of the round!" "OK, just need to survive until the round ends..." Jason told himself.

But Burstpunch didn't survive. Trust me, he did MUCH more. He was able to catch Warrior off guard and performed a move very similar to Crimson Carnages rip-off, only difference is he didn't knock Warriors head off his shoulders. And just as Warriors body hit the ground...


This round seemed a bit better for Warrior. The two fixed their metal boxers and...


Round 3, the finishing round of this fight, has started.

Burstpunch was able to grab Warrior and perform the "Hammertime combo" on him. Then, Burst pushed Warrior off of his feet, jumped on him and started punching Warrior. Straight in the face. Warrior finally was able to kick Burstpunch in the chassis, breaking out of Bursts deadly combo once again. Then, the round went casually. Warrior lands a hit, then Burst, and the cycle repeats itself again.

And then suddenly, Burstpunch stunned Warrior. He took Warriors left arm and ripped it off, MIDAS STYLE. Then, Burstpunch kicked Warrior, which made him fall down.


Warrior got up at the last second. "30 seconds left till the end of the round!" "Let's finish this, Wari." Jason said. Burstpunch went full-on BEAST MODE on Warrior on those last 30 seconds. It seemed like Warrior was gonna lose. And then, the audience started screaming "10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2!"

When there was 2 seconds left into the round, Warrior did the finishing move. He used "Power Cross" and landed it straight onto Burstpunchs face. The "Power Cross" hit Burstpunch so hard, in fact, that his head popped off, only holding onto the body by a couple of wires.

Everybody could hear Jason yell "OH, WHAT?!?!?!"

Warrior won.

After the battle, Jason walked up to Simon.

"You're a good fighter."

"Thanks. You too!"

"Thanks for that. Means a lot."

Episode 5:Warriors Return


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