-Armor: 86/100

-Power: 87/100

-Intelligence: 86/100

-Speed: 90/100

-Special: 79/100

-Strength: 97/100

-Moves: Shock Recall, Flaming Fury, Tornado Torment, Tantrum Trinity, Uber Uppercut, Clampdown, Flash Fiend, Coronal Chaos.

-Special Moves: Blitzkrieg Retaliation, Flaming Floor Smash, Exquisite Demolition.


-Origin: Australia

-Weight: 987 LBS

-Announcing Line: TBA

-Features: Carapace Extensions, Elbow Rockets, Supermetal Bodywork, Extendable Puncture Knuckles, T.A.R.A AI, Sprint Capacitors.

-Metals: Titanium, Steel and Iron.

-Controller: Kai Zehnder.

-Ability: Lightning of the Badlands

-Danger Level: Lethal

-Nicknames: The White Armageddon.

-Height: 8'5"

Total Wins and Losses (and ties)= ?


A compilation of Prompts, Flavour texts, and Dialogue from Warhawk's Speech Synthesiser.

  • "If this fight weren't maximum deniability, you'd be a star for this bro. There would be a parade."
  • "Kai's teaching me how my electronic circuits work. Apparently, it took him...ugh, seven years to learn, but he says that with electroshock he can teach me in an hour." [grunts of pain and electrical shocks]
  • "Kai? Hey, it's Warhawk. Interested in some extra work?"
  • "Think you can handle this fight?"
  • "He-hey, sorry about the reception, I'm in a very important match right now against Midas. Listen, a WRB Invite came in..." [Gets jabbed by Midas] "Hey would you please stop hitting! I'm on the line!"
  • (strained) "I'm at a repair shop with Kai and he's made an experimental Gyro Core,'s not working. I think it's only snapping my fuel rods." [parts breaking] "Ok, gotta go."
  • "I'm watching Zeuspearicles in the Ring and we just got to the part where Noisy Boy tells Rubicon he's from the future and he gets so angry, he uses his heat vision and..." [Steel cage!] "Oh ho ho, they're lowering the steel cage. Oh, Noisy Boy is losing the title for sure!"
  • "So the New Mexico Department of Mechanics found out I haven't gotten any safety approval in any of my parts in...uh...ever. So, I'm on state-mandated 'arrest". But don't worry! I'm still fighting robots, but don't tell anyone."


Inspired by the bout between Noisy Boy and Rubicon, Kai Zehnder aspired to make and control his very own fighting bot. Using connections his parents had, Kai acquired genuine fighter jet parts along with many parts from WRB League Bots such as Noisy Boy, Gridlock, Danger Zone and even a spare operating module from Zeus himself. With these materials, he finished his creation after 2 weeks worth of blood, sweat and tears, Warhawk was finally completed and ready for it's first match. However, the Zeus operating module had evolved, which in the process made Warhawk gain self awareness and a personality, much to Kai's surprise. 

First Fight

Warhawk's first match was with Metro. Kai was still relatively new to robot boxing and mostly relied upon Warhawk's armour and sheer power. His main strategy involved trying to destroy the opponent bot as quickly as possible. The round started, and Metro immediately clamped Warhawk down and started pummeling her with his giant fist, but a jab straight into Metro's chest loosened the clamp and Warhawk broke free. But was met with a sledge hammer to the face. This fazed her as she stumbled around the ring. She initially pretended to obey Kai's remote control, but quickly began to exhibit her free will, unleashing deadly combos unbidden and showing hesitation.  Warhawk managed to punch a hole straight thru Metro's neck which broke his command-receiver. Warhawk dropkicked Metro which sent the franken-bot flying into several spectators, almost crushing them.

Crash Place encounter

After earning 4 grand from the last fight, Warhawk insisted Kai for more of a challenge, which he responded by taking her to Crash Palace to fight Bluebot. The owner of Bluebot didn't see Warhawk as a threat and quickly mocked Kai and his bot. For the first 2 rounds of the fight, Bluebot had the upper hand, however, Warhawk quickly recomposed herself and swiftly beat Bluebot to a pulp and then impaled it's head with a piece of metal which was broken off from Bluebot's torso.

Copybot's comeuppance

Kai was at crash palace once again and Warhawk was already in the ring, as she faced up against her next opponent, Copybot. The first round went quickly, Copybot countering and imitating Warhawk's moves, no one got more than a scratch.  The second round however. Copybot had the upper hand using Warhawk's own moves against her.  The third round, Warhawk knocked Copybot down with a blunt hit using her carapace.  She than swung a leg over Copybot and wrenched his head from his shoulders. The defeat of Copybot started Warhawk's infamy in the Underworld Robot Boxing community.

Mayhem with Midas

After the Copybot fight, Warhawk went on to fight many other infamous robot boxers, including Albino, Kongtron and Toolbox, with all of the fights resulting in victories. This winning streak eventually caught the attention of Artie Bakker, the owner of Midas. After a fight against Enemy which was a very close match due to both bots being even in stats, Kai and Warhawk were approached by Artie Bakker who challenged them to a fight against Midas. Both of them accepted the fight with great pleasure, although Kai was uncertain of Warhawk's abilities due to rumours of Midas curbstomping the WRB Legend, Noisy Boy. The fight began and Midas surged out of his corner, making no attempt at strategy. After feinting with a swipe at Warhawk's head, it delivered a vicious double-jab to her chest, dealing minor armour damage. Midas then mounted a violent offensive in which he continually targeted Warhawk's limbs. Within the first round, neither bot had yet to deal a significant amount of damage. TBS

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