Type: Lightweight

Health: 1999

Power: 900/100


Handler: D.R.O.I.D

Announcer's Quote: From the battlefields of doom meet Warbeast!


Let's start with the handler's story: D.R.O.I.D was a robot for everyone, but one day he changed. He started to beat people up senseless. People were so afraid of him that the police wants to shut the robot down and throw him into the junkyard. The police did that, and D.R.O.I.D was exiled to the junkyard.

Chapter 2: W.A.R

D.R.O.I.D found robot parts and built one with the parts. He called his robot Warbeast and he wanted to fight. But he was afraid the police could find him so he sneaked out of the junkyard and went to Crash Palace and took main event. The fight was against Bluebot, but Warbeast defeated him easily just by releasing a barrage of punches. D.R.O.I.D got his 2000$ and got back to the junkyard and made Warbeast fight Sixshooter. D.R.O.I.D upgraded Warbeast with thermal knuckledusters and a copy chip. He actually inserted some moves from Midas, Zeus, Aquabot and Fat Boy. He upgraded Warbeast with better, stronger, lighter fists and upgraded Warbeast for one whole day.

Chapter 3: The arena

D.R.O.I.D needed some fights, so he chose Blacktop. Blacktop was about to punch Warbeast but he vanished behind him and Nukefisted him (his rip-off move is Nukefist because of the copy chip), causing Blacktop's head to be smashed flat. D.R.O.I.D won his 90000$ and changed the junkyard into a bot fight arena called D.R.O.I.D Arena. Word spread that there was a bot fight arena in town (there aren't any in D.R.O.I.D's town) and soon someone knocked the door and there was Fat Boy with a man (his handler) saying he came to fight. D.R.O.I.D said every competitor will have to survive 3 bots, each one controlled by himself and the first fight began, The first bot was Sixshooter and Fat Boy defeated him easily, The second bot was Blockbuster and Fat Boy wins again. The last bot was Hollowjack and Fat Boy wins once again. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! Warbeast WINS!

Chapter 4: New Bot

The Puppet stared lifelessly at D.R.O.I.D (Puppet is D.R.O.I.D's new bot and he got it from a robot dealer) while he upgraded Warbeast, and Warbeast was set to a fight with another Hollowjack. The fake Hollow lost the match against War.

Chapter 5: WRB

D.R.O.I.D went on a win streak with many UW robots, and one day he received a note. it said "Demolish your underworld arena and come to the WRB". D.R.O.I.D accepted the WRB because of his previous fights with War. His first match was against Atom, and it was very long and violent. But at round 6 Atom was nearly beat up so Warbeast nukefisted him and he wins. Second fight was Blacjac, but Warbeast crushed all his spades and other shapes and crushed its faceplate just like Zeus did the day before and wins again, won once again against Cosmobot, Cardinal Chaos, Nitro and Excavator and finally he came across Crimson Carnage and Tackle. His tag team partner was Fiend and both robots defeated the once famous robots for good (both robots were owned by D.R.O.I.D himself!). The next fight was against Noisy Boy and used Midas' rip off instead of Nukefist and won. He won against Twin Cities and finally came upon the head crushing Zeus. Both robots used the same moves, War was beat up in the 10th round but managed to mutilate all body parts from Zeus' torso and stole all parts to prevent the owners to rebuild him and was the new WRB champion! And he still runs the arena for new challengers. But it's now both an Underworld and WRB arena. Also, D.R.O.I.D fully upgraded War.


Warbeast's Fights

Bluebot= Win

Sixshooter = Win

Blacktop= Win

Fat Boy = Win

Fake Hollowjack= Win

Atom = Win

Blacjac = Win

I can only tell he won the streak.

Zeus: Win


So DROID is a murderous robot but after the Bluebot match, he became a kind, friendly and loves odd and bizarre news and also upgrades War after a win streak.


Warbeast looks like Metro, he's a total mess. He has three heads, one a green army themed head with square eyes and a grin with jagged teeth painted on. The other one is Hollowjack's head and the final one is a voodoo doll face.

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