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Name: War Path

Nickname: The Cross of Two Legends

Generation: 3

Special Moves: Death From Above

Announcer's Quote: "It's the bot.. following the path of WAR! War Path, you are clear to engage!"

Ranking: W:2:1

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Origin: Korea

Mainframe: Dynasty 39 Beta Sparta (Midas chassis)

Energy Core: LightningBolt 3000 (Zeus core)


Strength: 98/100.

Speed: 79/100,

Intelligence: 96/100

Special Moves: 96/100,

TBR: 9879/9999

Special Features: Uses same parts of Zeus and Midas, Legs are Identical to Blacktop's

Fight Style: He is fairly fast, extremely powerful and knows when to land his Special Moves. He is also very brutal during matches.


  • War Path is practically Zeus ,Midas and Blacktop mixed together.
  • His special attacks are based on Blac Jac And Atom's special attacks.
  • His brutal moves always have a chance of critically damaging his opponent's chest and head area.

Special Moves

Death From Above: A hook and uppercut combo followed by a jumping uppercut. Then War Path jumps up and slams his opponent's head from above,either damaging it or dislocating it.

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