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Noisy Boy's first fight was against Excavator (9-0) and it lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes The early fight looked like it was all Excavator but later in the fight Noisy Boy quickly done Shogun Trinity and went on a rampage pumpling Excavator turning the tables Excavator tried to fight back but it was no use. Noisy finished him off with by ripping off both arms and head Excavator hasnt fought in the WRB ever since. 

Noisy's next fight was against Nitro. Nitro was unseen by Noisy, confusing him and throwing him off. Noisy went down twice in the first round, only to scratch Nitro. In the second round, Nitro backed Noisy into a corner and smashed him with left and right crosses. Noisy barely made it out alive, saved by the bell. Noisy Boy made a huge comeback in the third round, however, by strafing backwards and using Southpaw Pain Revolution to knock Nitro down. he did not get back up again. 

Noisy Boys next fight was against Atom (18-1) starting off it was a near fight. no robot could hit back forth they dodge each others punches it took four hours to take the turn Noisy Boy went on a rampage knocking out Atom three times then Noisy Boy finished off Atom using the Wakazashi Straight knocking Atom down on his feet.

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