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Vortex is the successor of Twister, a rebuilt version made by Jaime Tommes through a heist.

Power: 87/100

Speed: 88/100

Armour: 85/100

Intelligence: 79/100

Stamina: 81/100

Overall: 421/500

Height: 8'1 ft

Weight: 1,339 lbs

ANNOUNCER QUOTE: Making his way to the ring, The blast from the past. Can you survive the Successor of the Twister? Run away from VORTEX!

Special Features: Gravity fists (When they hit an opponent, they give a minor rust to the enemy, slowing them down by 21),

Boxing fist switch technology (Allows Vortex to switch from his regular fists, Gravity fists, Wind fist, Chopper fist and Explosive fists).

Explosive fists (These fists are last resorts. They deal immense damage to the user and the enemy, but significantly reduce speed.)

Independent fist switch (When needed, the fists can be independent from one another. This makes the ability to have one explosive fist and one gravity fist)

String-a-fist technology (Only for Underworld fights, the String-a-fist technology allows his fists to extend up to 2 times Axelrod's arm length)

Special attacks

Made you look!

One of Vortex's fist combos, which is Explosive fist and Gravity fist. The gravity fist slows down the enemy and when the Explosive fist is used, it bends the metal with the force and permanently dents them, forcing them to look up and not aim.

Wind Turbine

Vortex delivers a huge upper cut to the chest and side kicks to the face. Vortex jumps back and winds up his right arm. Using the String-a-fist tech, he uses momentum to slam a huge straight into the enemy's face plate. Wind turbine can have both arms involved


Not to be confused with the upcoming Slapamander robot, Vortex jumps at the enemy and smashes his fists into the enemy's head. When combined with the explosive fists, they have the potential to knock the enemy and Vortex out of the ring (Unless they are fighting in The Wilderness, then they just knock em back far)


Twister's broken pieces lay in the museum, not many people thought much about the former WRB champion, defeated by an underworld fighter. Jaime was watching the sad pile of pieces hang, it's head looking down as if in sadness.

Jaime thought that every bot deserved another chance, but Twister already had one. And he lost it to Ragnarok. Jaime still wanted to rebuild Twister, but he was not sure.

Months past as the parts slowly gave out to rust and time. No one stayed to look, except Jaime. He thought for hours and hours about giving the rusting bot another chance at boxing. But he couldn't come round to being able to do so.

A year past, and Twister looked much worse. His power core gave only small flickers as his eyes struggled to achieve their glow. Twister's soul (or spark, or core, or whatever you call bot's spiritual thing a ma bomber) was dying. Jaime decided to give the former WRB champion, Chinzaemon's rival, another chance...

The Heist

Jaime wasn't one for thievery, but he did anyway. He sneaked into the champion section where Twister was being held on his hook. He sprayed to detect for invisible lasers, of course, there was. Jaime found the circuit breaker and cut power to the lasers, where he was able to remove Twister's case and sneak out with the parts. Of course, he always was prepared, so he brought scrap metal pieces that looked exactly like Twister.

Chapter 1: Repair

Jaime hefted the broken bot on his workbench and wiped his head. The heist was success, but the revival has just begun. Jaime searched through his room for a blow torch, 2 inches of chrome and titanium alloy, Black paint (I haven found a good black picture), a welding mask, and LOADS of wiring and pistons.


Jaime first started off with the face plate. It was battered and almost completely imploded. So, Jaime repaired the headband and gave Twister new LED lights. Then, Jaime un-imploded the crushed head, and set to work on the chest piece. Unfortunately, the body was scrappy and impossible to fix, so Jaime had to get another torso piece. Luckily, Janise won against a bot called Ida-Ten, who was later given to Jaime for 30,000 dollars, meaning Jaime could salvage the torso and core of Ida-Ten into Twister. After several wire cuts and minor blackouts, the new Twister was ready...

Chapter 2: Heist

Raymond, wearing a skull balaclava, went to Jaime's dormitory. He saw that he was sound asleep, so Ray ran to the robot garages with a large cart and proceeded to haul Vortex's body to his garage. Jaime, hearing that his door was opened and was left open, grabbed the monkey wrench he keeps for protection and rushed out to the garage. To his demise, Vortex was gone. Jaime didn't know who did it though, but he later found out it was Raymond who took Vortex.

Chapter 3: MOINE!!!!

Jaime was starting to become salty to Raymond, after Ray gloated at him at how he built twister again. Jaime felt a deep rage with Ray, and he punched Raymond in the stomach. "That's for taking mai bot" Jaime said, annoyed at Raymond. In response, Raymond did a roundhouse to Jaime's head. Then, they got in an argument on who had rights to Vortex. Speaking of which, Vortex mysteriously got up and held their heads, then hit them together with the power of a regular human.

Someone had noticed the 2 fighting and decided to break them up, stealing Jaime's remote from under his nose. Vortex had a mic on his controller, and he said something familiar to both dudes. "Why don't you both agree to a borrow session? During January to Summer's beginning, Jaime has Vortex, During August to Chirstmas' beginning, Raymond has Vortex. And during summer and christmas, I have Vortex."

Jaime and Raymond look at each other, who was this mysterious I?

Chapter 4: Lets Settle This!

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There stood Vinzer in the corner with Vortex's remote. He was grinning heavily. "It was fun playing around with you two." Raymond turned in anger. "But Vortex was MY robot. Jaime stole it! I'm fine with sharing it with you, but not with Jaime. Nope. Never." Jaime almost punched Raymond, but Vinzer, wielding Vortex, made Vortex block his punch. "Ow," said Jaime, violently shaking his hand in pain. Vortex returned to a static pose, as is normal for him.

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