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Vital Statistics




Kakos Kalupto



Name: Voodoo

Title: Kakos Kalupto

Origin: Australia

Heigth: 8'10"

Weigth: 850 Lbs


Armor: 65/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 100/100

Signature Move: Silentkill

Special Feature: Double Core,  Anti-Overheat System, & Dimensional Mainframe



Jack Bolt is a young guy who like robots. He never miss a single match at WRB. His idol is Zeus, Ravagor, and Oneway. He always wanted to own a very own boxing robot. One day, he was in his house when he got an idea to build his own robot. In the next day, he bougth all the recources for the robot he designed. And finally, he succesfully reach his dream. A robot that stands up to 8'10" and weigthed 850 Lbs stands in his way. Jack got really happy with his creation. He wanted his robot to figth in a match, but he dont know how. Later that day, when he was walking around the park, he saw a place called "Crash Palace". He dont know whats in there, so he checked it. He got really surprised when he saw a place full of boxing robots. Then he went to the registration locket. "Im looking for a match." Says Jack to the guy. "You got yourself a match, buddah ! Tomorrow, you will face Trottle !" Says the guy. "Yes !" Jack shouts happily. But havent got a name for his robot. Then he got an idea to name the robot Jackbot.


After days gone by, the day where Jackbot will face his first oponent has come. Jack got excited, but he also got scared. Before he went to the Crash Palace, Jack went to the church to pray. After went to the church, he went to Crash Palace. In there, he already got shouted by the referee. "Hurry up ! The match starts in 1 minute !" Says the referee. Jack prepared Jackbot and then went to the ring. Trottle has already wait for him. "Your done, kid !" Says the owner of Trottle. Then the bell rangs, meaning the match has started. Jack realized that he hasnt got a training yet. Suddenly Jackbot got punched. "Omg, i forgot !" Says Jack. Then he tried to punch Trottle, but missed. Then he tried again to punch Trottle again. But this time, Trottle got punched in the chest. "Yes !" Says Jack. Then Jack saw a red button in his controler. He didnt know what is it for, so he presssed it. Then  in Jackbot's chestplate, appeares a red ligth around it. But whats the shocking part is when Trottle punches Jackbot's head. When Trottle punch him, Trottle also got punched. Everyone got confused. Who punched Trottle ? Is it a invisible robot ? Even Jack dont know who punched him. And whats really shocking, that punch causes Trottle's head flies away. Jack took place as the winner. He got $400 for that match. When he was home, he decided to check whats inside of Jackbot. When he oppened Jackbot's chestplate, he found that Jackbot's mainframe has a Ultraviolet Ligth. He searches for that mainframe. He found out that that mainframe is called "Dimensional Mainframe" or specificly, the Voodoo Mainframe. In works like a voodoo, where when you cut the voodoo's head, the guy that you've cursed's head also got cutted. Now Jack understands why when that red ligth apperead when Trottle punches Jackbot's face, Trottle got misteriously punched too. "So thats how it works." Says Jack. Then he decided to change the name into Voodoo.

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