• Armor: 70/100
  • Power: 90/100
  • Speed: 70/100
  • Intelligence: 200/100
  • Total: 430/500
  • Special Moves: Fiery Flash, Lava Flow
  • Robot Type: Lightning Bruiser, Level 5
  • Special Feature: Gigaman XM-910 Terrabyte Processor
  • Nickname: "The Lava Lord", "The Brawny, Brutal and Burning Bot"
  • Intro: "Erupting from the bottom of the planet, the Lava Lord, the Brawny, Brutal and Burning Bot, here's Volcano!"
  • Height: 8'0 feet
  • Weight: 921 Lbs
  • Owner/Handler: Raymond Santiago
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Generation: 2
  • Status: Online


Raymond's father, Landon Santiago, was a famous Generation 2 WRB Champion. After he passed away from cancer when Raymond was only 12, his death wish was to give Raymond his robots. Unfortunately, after Landon passed, the Santiago family became poor and had to sell most of their robots. However, Landon secretly had a storage shed behind their house that only Raymond had the keys to. He didn't know about the secret shed or the keys, so Volcano remained a mystery to him for quite a while.

Chapter 1: Genesis

When Raymond turned 14, he started to fight robots using the bot that his neighbor Manong (Mr.) George let him use. While he only fought Slaughter bots at his local robot gym, they made him battle-hardened. His neighbor's 'bot, Mr. Suntok (Mr. Punch), was an aging Generation 2 robot. While it wasn't the best robot, it still did the job. So, Raymond continued to train with him. This was where his love for robots all started.

Chapter 2: The First Fight

When Raymond was near 16, he had his first ever legitimate fight. He used his neighbor George's Mr. Suntok against a junkie named Halo-Halo (Mix-Mix). While the stakes were really low, 500 pesos (around 20 dollars), Raymond enjoyed fighting. Of course, Raymond won against the junkie. He continued to fight for his neighbor, winning every local fighting tournament. But at last, his winning streak ended. He was defeated by a rookie fighter and his robot called Grubber. It was a devastating loss, it only took 2 rounds for Mr. Suntok to have his head sent flying. Manong George wasn't sad, because he knew about Volcano.

Chapter 3: The Discovery

When Raymond became 18, he found out about Volcano by accident. While searching for something, he found the key to the shed in his father's old suitcase. Doing so, he showed Manong George Volcano. As Manong George already knew about him, he couldn't do anything to help. However, because of the money saved up from all the fighting tournaments Raymond won, he had enough money to send Raymond and Volcano to America.

Chapter 4: New Land

Manong George bought a ticket for Raymond to Hawai'i, U.S.A. He also shipped Volcano there too. As he arrives, he is called by his Aunt and learns he has to stay with her. Volcano is also shipped to her house, but he is left alone. The events of Twister's story happen.

Chapter 5: The New Bot

After defeating Zeus with Twister, Raymond had won 3,000,000$. He used 150,000$ on Volcano, finishing him and replacing the parts he used for Twister. He used 45,000$ on the Gigaman XM-910 Terrabyte Processor, the strongest processor so far. While his family disapproved of his high spending, Raymond didn't care. He did what he thought was best for him and his 'bots. After Raymond finished Volcano, internally, he was like a brand-new robot.

Chapter 6: Aftermath

Raymond now uses Volcano for most of the Underworld bouts he does. He often visits local Underworld fighting competitions and uses Volcano to melt any competitor he faces. However, a visit to Mainland U.S.A. could prove fatal. Ambush 2.0., a legendary robot, Raymond's hero, and a fellow robot on Global Mech, accepted Raymond's request to fight, and Raymond's unsure if Volcano will be able to hold off Ambush 2.0.

Chapter 7: Volcano's Lava Cools Down

In Crash Palace, Volcano is put in the arena. On the other side is Ambush 2.0. Raymond fidgets nervously, while John just stays focused on Ambush. All of a sudden, Finn announces.."Tonight...we have our main event! In the corner to the left of me...the Brawny, Brutal, and Burning Bot...Volcano! And to the right corner..the Golden Crusher..Ambush 2.0.!" DING! The bell would ring. Am2.0. charges in. He prepares a Bushwhack 2.0., quickly damaging Volcano. However, Volcano counters with a Fiery Flash, thrusting his fist with all his power into Ambush's chest. Ambush's chest symbol would be scrathed with red markings. But then, all of a sudden, Ambush 2.0. converts into his Stealth mode. Ambush 2.0. disappears. Volcano, thinking that Ambush was going behind him, turned around and punched. Nothing happened. Then, all of a sudden, an invisible force punches Volcano's neck into smithereens. Volcano's head would fall into his ocean of wires that connect to his energy core. Volcano would fall backwards. Ambush 2.0. slowly reappeared.


Raymond and John congratulated each other. As they both loaded their robots into their trucks, they feel happy that the fight was over. When the both of them finally went back to the Ebot dorms, they'd keep complimenting each other on how they fight, simply because they feared of losing the other person's friendship because he lost or won.

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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