Welcome to Vitenoxi's Bot Store! There is rare items from Savarage and Athen here if you want to get them! You can only use your money got from the bots that you defeated to get these items. Comment in the comment section if you want parts.

Workers/People I give Credit to

Vitenoxi: Manager, Advertiser, blah blah. Also me.

John Norman: Guy who made the Arm, chips, and cores. Also his pancakes are delicious.

Jack Norman: Guy who gave me, well, the Arm, chips, and cores. Also he likes John’s pancakes.

Replica Bots Botbuilder: Guy who I stole the Replica Savarage and Replica Athen from.

Sparring Bots Botbuilder: Guy who I asked to make the Sparring Bot Savarage.


Corrupted Left Arm: $1,000,000 Description: Used to rip oppenents apart, only with a left arm! There’s 5 versions: Hand, Mace, Gun, Drill, and Fist.

Athen Booster Core: $60,000 Description: A core that boosts your power. Three cores in one robot (or two)!

Automatic Chip: $12,500 Description: A chip that makes the robot automatically fight for you.

Pre-Built Robots

Replica Savarage: $20,000,000 Description: Just don't redo the Savarage Incident.

Replica Athen: $10,000,000 Description: Cores are smaller, still packs a punch.

Sparring Bot Savarage: $1,000,000 Description: A sparring bot that you can fight with. He sometimes hit you, but it does little damage and he does it not too often.

Move Chips

The Ripper Chip: $600,000,000 Description: This ripoff is legendary. Save your money.

Throw 'n Punch Chip: $1,000,000 Description: Throwing robots is fun!

Dark Matter Chip: $1,000,000,000 Description: This move is way more legendary.


Zeus Head Bag: $1 Description: To store a Zeus Head! Or not, if you want.

Savarage Toy: $10 Description: It's a toy.

Athen Toy: $10 Description: It's a toy.


Replica Athen

Replica Athen. Looks kinda different then normal Athen, but still the same type as Athen.

Replica Savarage

Replica Savarage. Again, try to not redo the Savarage Incident.

Sparring Bot Savarage

Savarage, Sparring Bot version. It can take a beating.

Corrupt Arm

A Drill corrupt arm.


If you want any of this, comment down below. Remember, you can only buy these from the money you got from robots that you have beaten. Keep fighting!

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