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Armor: 97/100 (147/100 in Retribution Mode)

Power: 89/100 (139/100 in Retribution Mode)

Intelligence: 95/100 (145/100 in Retribution Mode)

Speed: 79/100 (129/100 in Retribution Mode)

Special: 94/100 (144/100 in Retribution Mode)

Strength: 100/100 (150/100 in Retribution Mode)

Special Moves: Retaliation, Counterstrike

Finisher: Revenge


Origin: Unknown Junkyard

Weight: 425 LBS

Announcing Line: He's rebuilt himself and ready for revenge. The avenger of the fallen ones, meet Vengeance!

Features: Avenergy Core (Retribution Mode), Plasma Pistons, Energy Sensor, Adaptive Programs, Repair Nanobots

Metals: Steel, Iron, Titanium, Platnium

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Reconstruction

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Working

Height: 7' 10"

Total Wins:

Total Losses:

Ties: N/A

Vengeance is a robot salvaged from an unknown junkyard. Vengeance has five features. One is the Avenergy Core. This core increases Vengeance's stats by 50. Another feature is the Plasma Pistons. These pistons add more power and force into Vengeance's punches. The Energy Sensor is another feature Vengeance has. This allows Vengeance to sense the opponent by tracking their energy and core levels, allowing Vengeance to dodge and counter attacks. Another feature that Vengeance has is the Adaptive Programs. These programs allow Vengeance to adapt to many different situations. The final feature are Repair Nanobots. These little robots repair Vengeance during fights. However, they can damage Vengeance if they are hit.


In The Past (Completely Fictional)

The defeated robot was thrown out of the ring. Brad smiled and turned to the crowd. "Who wants more?!?" A menacing robot walked up to the ring, with Tak Mashido following. "Hello there, Brad. Would you like a fight with Zeus?" Brad smirked. "I'm gonna scrap that sucker!" Zeus walked into the ring and smashed his fists together. Brad repaired his robot, Coolio, (The name example from Creating a Custom Bot) and jumped out of the ring. The two robots faced each other in the ring and got ready.

2 minutes later...

Zeus grabbed Coolio and threw him out of the ring. Coolio's armor was dented and cracked. When Brad drove home, he stopped by a junkyard and chucked his robot.

Present Day

Johnny watched as the robots, now reduced to scrap, were crushed. Johnny looked at the robots on the conveyor belt and noticed a badly beaten up robot. Even though the armor was dented, Johnny knocked the armor with his fist. The armor was still hard, and most of the parts were still there. Johnny hauled the robot onto his truck and drove home. As Johnny was repairing the robot he noticed the robot looked familiar. He turned on his computer and searched up robots. He found out that this robot was Coolio, who was owned by a guy named Brad before getting destroyed by Zeus. Johnny took some parts from Junkyard Scraps and upgraded Coolio. Johnny thought of names for Coolio. Coolio did not sound "cool", when an idea struck Johnny. Vengeance. This robot, from the help of Johnny, returned. Johnny always fought certain robots and knew that he would give Vengeance a second chance at fighting Zeus. Johnny placed Vengeance next to his other robots and went to sleep.

The First Punishment

Johnny drove over to the Crash Palace, where he usually fought robots. Being a frequent customer, Finn walked up to Johnny and smiled. "Your usual matches are ready. I can't wait to see what your new robot will do." Vengeance walked up into the ring and faced Aquabot. At the ring of the bell, Aquabot swung at Vengeance. Vengeance, however just stood there. Arek was confused. Aquabot threw more punches until Arek got annoyed. The crowd started to boo. Johnny smiled. "Aquabot's going deep!" Then Vengeance slammed Aquabot with a right hook and threw Aquabot into the ropes.

Avenging The Rest

After defeating Aquabot, Johnny fought other robots, winning more money with Vengeance.

Below are the fights and rewards from the Underworld.

Total money: $6800

Opponent Result Reward
Aquabot Win $500
Bluebot Win $500
Metro Win $500
Six Shooter Win $600
Blacktop Win $600
Fat Boy Win $600
Blockbuster Win $750
Bio War Win $750
Hallowjack Win $800
Midas Win $1200, The King

of the Underworld


Punishing the WRB

The WRB heard that Johnny had a new robot. Johnny wanted to put Vengeance into the WRB. The WRB accepted to add Vengeance into the WRB after fighting Blac Jac, which was the same offer they gave to Johnny the last six times. Blac Jac walked up to Vengeance, who was standing in the ring. Blac Jac furiously attacked Vengeance until Vengeance struck Blac Jac with a Counterstrike, flinging his poor opponent out of the ring and into the audience.

(I will finish it as soon as possible)

Punishing Custom Bots

Vengeance was declared Champion of the WRB. Now he fights custom bots.

Below are the custom bot fights that Vengeance fought in.

Opponent Result Reward

(Coming Soon)

(I know this shouldn't be here, but I already planned out the WRB fights. I just need to put the fights in.)


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