This is a list of Fan made Bot types, feel free to add your own. Just don't make it too op, or I will remove them.

Speedy Nuisance

Speedy nuisances are bots with high speed, decent damage, and LOTS of Durability. They can deal good damage per second, but their punches are weak in terms of damage per hit. To make up for this, their high Durability and speed makes them harder to deal with. NUISANCES!!

Underworld Threat

Underworld threats are bots with ok stats, but they harness loads of power that is most effective when used in Illegal moves. Most of their good moves are Illegal ones, so they aren't strong in the WRB. Underworld Threats have terrible armor though, so if you manage to avoid it's death attacks, let loose!

Odin's Child

Odin's child are bots that have norse names, Very good attack, and insane amounts of intelligence. Forged from the very spit of the gods (Not really, but it's cool to imagine), Odin's child can beat the scrap out of many bots, But they have bad speed, so they are not good in every way.

Death Trap

Death Traps have huge attack, a lot of armour, and the worst speed of any bot type that exists. They lumber around the arena, waiting for attacks to come. When they see the opportunity to strike, they have never been known to not take it. They attack openings until they close, and more often than not leave ravaged bodies of their enemies on the floor. But their terrible speed means that fast bots can avoid them.

Living Shields

Living shields have very bad attack, but they make up for it with intense durability. They're slow, but their defense makes up for it, making them tougher than stone wall bots. Their terrible attack means that they should work with another bot with high damage to make the most of both.

Small Bomber

They are small, but totally deadly. If your bot is heavy and misses a punch, the Small Bomb will counter with double the amount of power your bot can dish out. If they get hit by a heavy attack, however, their life ends completely. Have good luck with that, though, because the best Small Bombers are the ones who can keep dodging and weaving attacks.


The close cousin of Annihilator. These robots are big and bulky with high armor and punches that'll send the head flying off a low-tier robot within the first round. However, speed is almost non-existent, arm reach is usually short and stubby, and intelligence is quite low. Get as far away from these guys as possible. Their armor might be thick but definitely not sturdy. A few nice blows will cause the armor to start chipping away.


Punching is old-school. These slender and quick robots might as well be kickboxers. Kicks are key in these robots and roundhouse kicks are their best friend. Arm reach is short but leg reach is maximized. Taller is better. Intelligence and power are slightly over average. To combat a lower-shot, go for the arms. They will drain their energy and leave them a weak punching bag. Then blow their head off. BOOM. Take that with you to leg day.

Crimson Wall

Decent arm reach, decent power, decent intelligence, but high speed and slightly over average armor. These robots have huge blind spots but will leave you a bloodbath before you can even find out. Hence the name, ''Crimson Wall'. Dodging and blocking is key to find out its blind spot. When you find it, go to town.


These robots will not sit still. Capable of jumping and lunging, along with advanced movements. Their intelligence and speed are rather high along with an average power and arm reach. However, armor is out of the question. Deliver good blows and keep your ground to defeat a Lunger. Their necks are rather weak so a rip-off blow from a powerful Game Breaker will knock them dead. A pure lunger is rare as Lungers prefer to be apart of a hybrid.


Springers are some of the fastest bot types and they can't get hit often. However, the have least armour, so one heavy hit can end it's jumping spree. Springers also have retractable arms that can extend if needed. Their bad armour means they must stay out of reach from stronger bots and need to flank often

War chief

War chief bots are headstrong and can communicate with other bots to organize ambushes. They have thin armor, but it's very sturdy, making rip offs a bit of a problem. War chiefs can also regenerate lost parts, but they have no AI, so you must be sure that your attacks will connect.

War chiefs are very weak in terms of power, so they usually attack after other bots have dealt the damage.


Medics, those chunks of metal that can put bits and pieces of other bots but can't fight well. Medics are one of the bot types in Hijack Survival, and they are very vital to the team. Medics have good speed, but bad armor and power. But their intelligence is over the top, making part repair easy

Ash Menace

The Glass Cannons of the Glass Cannons. Generally, they can one-hit-kill you but falls under a one-hit-kill too. They have extremely bad armor and speed. Once an Ash Menace miss, they're dead, since they take too long to recover. If you're hit.....let's just say you're history.

Wall On Wheels

These bots have often terrible attack, have no experience when it comes to defence, but their speed and health makes up for it. As the name goes “wall on wheels” kinda says all for itself (unless these wheels are tiny). It can take forever for these bots to dish out an effective hit, but then the chances of an opponent actually having the speed and courage to hit this bot is close to 0%. But, even if an opponent does hit this bot, even an annihilator, it is barely effective due to this bot‘s insane Armor. This bot’s main weakness are corners... lure a “wall on wheels” into one of these and you can call it a night! (edit: by RSBoxing)

Complete Balance

These 'bots are in the exact middle of all the 'bot types. Every stats are equal to each other (APSI). It's neither good nor bad stats, its in the name already, a good nor bad balanced fighter.


These robots are known for their extremely strong attacks, high armor and high intelligence. They are designed to defeat their opponent in a single blow. But are also known to be only moderately fast, and have no stamina.

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