Uncle Jackie Stats Speed 72/100 Power 100/100 Stamina 100/100 Intelligence 100/100 Special 89/100 Total Battle Ranking 6,456/9,999 Vital Statistics Generation 4 League WRB 2 Country England History One Day A Boy And A Man Who,S Name Was Charlie Townsend And Paul Townsend Were In The Junkyard And They Found A Lot Of Robotic Body Parts And They Built A Robot And A Day After Making it They Took Uncle Jackie (The Bot,s Name) To his First Fight Against BlueBot He Knocked Him Out In The First Round With A Huge Left Uppercut Then Every Single Day He Was Upgraded And Fought From Metro To Midas To Sixshooter to BlackTop And Then Went on two WRB And There He Fought Noisyboy , Gridlock ,Danger Zone , Blac Jac And Of Course Twin Cities And Fought The Almighty Zeus And in The Ring It Was Pretty Close Zeus Did A Brainstorm Uncle Jackie Replyed With A Huge Double Uppercut Which Shattered Zeus,s Core Fans Screamed Since They Had Never Seen Zeus Being Beaten Like That Before Tak Mashido And Farra lekmova Were So Angry They Pushed Past People And Uncle Jackie Became The Champion Of The WRB 2. And Also This Is A List Of The Top 5. 1.Uncle Jackie 2. Twister 3. 4.Gamma 5. Zeus

list Of The B

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