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Information and Appearance

Umbranimus is a G2 bot made by Vitus and Tant after the events of Talos.

It is made from dark metal, with black slits and red lights decorating the armor.

It uses its signature two blades to battle.


(may be overpowered)

CNS: 47500/47500

STR: 95/100

DEF: 90/100 Soc.(0)

AGI: 100/100

INT: l80/100

SP: 100/100

TOTAL: 465/500

HEIGHT: 254 in (8 ft, 4 in)

WEIGHT: 359.245 kg (792 lb)

(Read this if you don’t really understand the abbreviations or what they mean, but I think you probably did.

CNS stands for Constitution, which is usually also called Health. CNS is how much this robot can take damage before malfunctioning. STR stands for Strength, which is the damage output of the robot. Also called Power. DEF stands for Defense. DEF is how much damage the robot can block at once. AGI stands for Agility, commonly known as Speed. AGI is how fast the robot moves and attacks. INT stands for Intelligence. It determines how quickly the bot can adapt to its opponent during the match. SP stands for Special Power (or Points, but eh). It represents how strong a Special move is when activated. AGI gets affected by weight as a side effect, but all of the stats get affected by each other as balanced.)


Claiomh Solais and Durendal: Twin blades and Umbranimus‘s lower arms. They sacrifice range for mobility and power, meaning it makes Umbranimus easier to swing its blades with more damage although it can’t hit far. Even if they’re blades, they mostly hit blunt damage (yet the blades do leave small slits in their victims to make it look like actual blade cuts). Claiomh Solais is the light blade and Durendal is the dark blade.

Eclipsis LemniscatusType Core: A Tant-made core that looks like a black ball with white, glowing cracks. It changes according to Aethercore, providing more power while overheating.

Vulnera-Socket: A revealing socket that connects the blades to the upper arm that has no defense at all. It also makes it easy to rip off the blades.

Elemental Blade Particles: Effects that show on the two blades when using Elemental Moves.

Iconic Moves

Ordinary Moves

Passive Moves

Aethercore: Allows Umbranimus to use Elemental Moves, but the bot overheats 50% faster as a side effect.

Elemental Moves

Chaotic Flurry: Umbranimus does a fifteenfold attack consisting of random cuts and stabs. Both blades glow gray, with red particles.

Blazing Cross: Umbranimus does a horizontal arc slash, then jumps and slices downward with great force. Both blades glow orange with ember particles.

Rogue Tide: Umbranimus either lunges forward, slicing the opponent horizontally outwards, hitting their lower legs and closing distance, or leaps back, slicing the opponent diagonally outwards and creating distance, hitting their lower chest. Both blades glow aquamarine with water effects.

Cyclone Slash: Umbranimus does a wide frontal arc slash while turning around, then does a second the moment it spun full circle, making a large wide X. Both blades glow light jade, with wind effects.

Quake Smash: Umbranimus slams its blades down the ground of the ring with a great force, then jumps forward and smashes its blades down again, with an even greater force. Both blades glow greyish tan, with dust particles.

Thunder Blitz: Umbranimus dashes to the opponent and slices them thrice quickly, then retreating back to its original position. Both blades glow light-medium purple, with lightning effects.

Frost Spike: Umbranimus lunges and thrusts forward, then steps forward and slams both blades down. Both blades glow light blue, with frost shard particles.

Twilight Stream: Umbranimus slashes randomly sixfold, ending with a perpendicular diagonal slash outwards.

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