NAME: Ultrobael, "Gladiator of Chaos"
111778 gladiatorofchaos newgrounds-g-bot



BOT TYPE: Game Breaker 5



Fawk Hedhon found his design in Metal Valley. Fawk took him and added new parts and programmed special moves into him, he then named him Ultrobael. Fawk looked at his back and found a sticker saying Stormcrack v1. Fawk simply took it off. Fawk once used Ultrobael to a match against Assassin, What scared Fawk was the winner of the match would get the losers bot. Assassin won and got Ultrobael. Fawk, in anger, Made a new bot (Ravagor) to face Assassin. But after that match, He had never found him again. Fawk then found out that the owner of Assassin sold Ultrobael to someone on eBot. But Ultrobael was never used.


Prototype of Stormcrack, is gold in colour. He has a giant gun on his arm but it is not functional. But the size of the gun makes his left punches extremely powerful.


Strength: 92%

Speed: 53%

Intelligence: 100%

Special Moves: 67%

Made in: China

Specialties: Intelligent

Handler: ???


  • Ultrobael was a Stormcrack prototype but was upgraded by Fawk Hedhon.
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