Name: Ultranova

Title: The Cosmos Enforcer

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online



Ultranova is one of the "Nova Siblings" team. He's the second strongest one out of the four and the second most powerful one. It's still unknown who is his handler or where he comes from since his creator and he leave the arena as soon as the fight is over and never answers questions. He's stronger than the other two team members Supernova and Meganova, but he's outpowered by Hypernova. He's reminiscent to Twin Cities more than any other robot due to his assembly. He's fought all around the world in both Underwolrd and WRB circuits.

Announcer's Quote: "The megalomaniac tyrant from outerspace! The Cosmic Conqueror! Ultranova!"


Health: 25782

Attack: 1941

Critical: 6324

Special: 4003

RNG: 2970

Boost: Double Damage



Origin: Unknown

Ability: Reconstruction

Weight: 380 kg

Height: 2.50 meters

Feature: Fight Pattern Scanner

Element: Electricity

Special Moves:

1.-Domination (Original)

2.- Super Domination (Laughter Riot)

3.- Ultra Domination (Poker Face)



Ultranova is a tall, two-headed robot with massive fists very reminiscent to Zeus's, and knight armor-like torso and legs. He has black and gray armor with red lights and trimmings throughout his body. He is very bulky but he's still more skilled than the majority of robots. His feet are a little bit on the small side compared to the rest of his body. His arms are quite long, which gives him a very high reach radius when fighting his rivals.

Unlike his "siblings", Ultranova's colors are way more balanced since he's about 50% black and 40% gray, while his siblings are about 70% black and 20% gray; however, all of them are about 10% red.

Ultranova is the tallest one out of the four siblings. He has fought all the WRB robots, including Zeus, Asura, Drago and Tri-Gore, only losing to Drago and Zeus. There are rumors that Ultranova and his siblings may have illegal parts, and that's why they are so strong, while other theories say that they're simply extremely well trained. Either way, the Nova Siblings are one of the WRB's biggest mysteries.



Head: Twin Cities (Elements Electricity Grade)

Torso: Noisy Boy (Elements Electricity Grade)

Right Arm: Zeus (Elements Electricity Grade)

Left Arm: Zeus (Elements Electricity Grade)

Right Leg: Ambush (Elements Electricity Grade)

Left Leg: Ambush (Elements Electricity Grade)



Intro: Midas

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, Power Jab, Spin Slash, Neck Breaker

Special Move: Hypnotic Flurry

Finisher: Twin Cities

Win: Aztec


Base: Black 3

Body: Black 1

Accent: Red 1



  • He's one of the tallest robots in all the Real Steel games.
  • He was about to beat Zeus, but Zeus got a lucky right hook and knocked him out.
  • Despite having defeated Asura, Tri-Gore and almost beating Zeus, he never relly stood a chance when he fought Drago.
  • His defeat against Zeus was really similar to how Noisy Boy lost to Rubicon.
  • He's taller than all of his siblings.
  • He has fought Hollow War 6 times, winning 3 fights and losing the other 3, which means they're currently tied.
  • Since the Nova Siblings are all owned by the same person, he has never fought any of his siblings.
  • He has massive piston fists which were inspired in Zeus's.
  • His two heads were inspired in Twin Cities's.
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