Power: 100/200

Health: 2900

Type: Anhillator

Weight type: Lightweight

Handler: Anonymous (people call him this because he wears a skull mask and a hood every time)

Nickname: The Doom Bringer, The Ultimate Sacramentum Accident.

Announcer's Quote: The shadow of chaos, the doom bringer, Ultra Chaos!


Aquabot's head flew out of the ring. This was Chaos' first match in the Underworld. Anonymous dragged Chaos to the truck and got back home. The next day was Metro's doom, because Chaos ended it by punching the mere mesh covering 10 times rapidly. Next fight was another mess of bot parts that had no name at all. The bot itself turned out to be very strong. It was beating Chaos up until it delivered a fast uppercut that made the unknown mish mash burst to flames. Chaos was turned to a killing machine by fully upgrading it. Blockbuster was defeated because Chaos drained all its power. The next fight was hard and long and brutal. Bio War charged to Chaos and landed a hard blow. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! Chaos got up again! Chaos started to kick Bio War until it got down. Then every time Bio War tried to get up, Chaos pushed it to the ground. Then Chaos smashed the head by stomping it so hard that it shattered to pieces of metal. The Halloween Horror stood before Chaos. His copy chip inserted moves from Hollowjack, Noisy Boy and Cardinal Chaos. Chaos used a Laughter Riot and Hollowjack was doomed with loss. The last UW fight was Atom. Won. Chaos marked Abandon for death. Chaos used Chaos Hammer and Shogun Trinitied Abandon. Many handlers challenged Chaos but slaughtered them all. Finally The King Of The Ring challenged The Doom Bringer to a fight. Then Chaos tortured Zeus the same way he did to Bio War and won.

You can compete with Chaos!


Copy chip

Fully Upgraded Robot

Rip Off

Chaos kicks the opponent rapidly until they get down and every time it tries to get up Chaos pushes the opponent to the ground and stomp on it hard. This is similar to the way how Sarge treated Sixshooter.

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