There are many types of people in this wiki. Here to know each of them. We collect data from observations on the wiki field, so grab your testing kit, we will explore the people on this wiki. We will also explore how to fend them off, when needed


A mysterious species I have discovered on the wiki, AWCs appear to act child like, either rudely spamming comments, bragging about stuff you can't normally get, complaining about stuff already solved, and in the case of Thanatos, making stupid guides on how to beat bots.

There are 2 sub-groups of AWCs. AWCs that need assistance, and sweary AWCs.

Sweary AWCs

Swearius AWCinius, or Sweary AWCs, for short, are target practice for shooting down with your 'Language' guns. They tend to not censor their words of choice, leaving kids using them. A common pest around the Wiki, they are best fended off through a shot through one of your 'Language, kids are here' or so, guns.

Some sweary AWCs don't give up and continually swear. A good warning may stop them from further attacking, or if your an administrator, your special edit staff can stop them ( I think so, since ambush once deleted a comment, wasn't even his).

Then we have that one AWC that never gives up and swears so much that editing their comments won't work. In this case, some users can take out one of the most powerful wiki-verse weapons: The ban hammer.

Just log the offender in the ban hammer's targeting systems, and take one swing from this mighty Mjorlin successor, which will permanently traumatise that AWC. However, Ban hammers should only be used with good reason, as an admin can be removed of their powers if they use the ban hammer too much without good reason

Help me AWCS

Assistinunce Awcinius, or Help me AWCs, for short, are even more mysterious than AWCinius themselves. No one knows if they are good or bad, but most of their hearts are in the right place.

There's no need to use any of your special weapons on them, just give them the assistance they need and they'll be off, creating who knows what. Examples of these AWCs are as follows: Just a creator

Admins (need filling)

This wiki would be dead without them. Also known as Adminolor contrulius.

The eternal gods of the wiki. With the power to permanently ban you or take away your page, you better be sure you are following their commandments. If you follow them greatly, however, they may reward you back with protecting your bot pages or helping you get work done on fan stories.

Sadly, many of these thought-to-be-eternal species have died, tolls increasing every year. Here are some examples: SweeneySaint, SapphireStardust, Diamondmatter, Skysteam, and possibly more. ;-(

Fortunately, there have been survivors who have been known to give birth to new species of this kind. Ambus No.1 Fan, ScauldyTheScauldron, DarkSage4, and Noisy bystander are all examples of surviving species. Noisy was originally thought to be dead but has resurrected and came back with us all. Tribound(affectionately called Tribby), after not online for a long time, has also returned.

(Rumour has it, that the legendary Overkill4TheWin has been spotted quite a few times in the wiki recently. We hope Overkillus Winnus returns with us Admins soon.)

(UPDATE! TheLastOfficial has now been born as a Adminus species!)

The Generations Of Admins

The Father of Creation: Slizor (The creator of this glorious wiki)

First Generation: Ericard, Ray422, Diamondmatter

Second Gen: Skysteam, ScauldyTheScauldron, SweeneySaint, SapphireStardust

Third Gen: DarkSage4 Ambus N.O1 fan, Noisy Bystander

Fourth Gen: GlitchMatrix, Overkill4TheWin, Tribound

New Gen: TheLastOfficial, ThatRealSteelFan


A sub-species of the admins. They are arguably more powerful than their brothers. They do not possess admin abilities, but instead have one that belongs to no other. They control the threads of life, only through their guidance shall you have chance of becoming an admin. Sometimes you can find admins also having the power of a bureaucrat, such examples includes: Ambus N.O1 fan

Chat Moderators

A sub-species of the admins. They are not as powerful nor influential as their brothers, but they have the unique ability to open a portal to another universe called "Live Chat". These creatures are rare, only three existed up to date, such as Freddy Krueger and Skysteam, before he blossomed into a fine admin. Our current Chatueri Moducina is Subnauticatracer.


One of the unique species of Users in the jungle is the Collaberius storolor, more commonly known as Collabers.

These guys are usually passive, using their elemental powers with each other to create neat custom bots and collabs, one of the pillars that keep the WIKI up. They're hearts are in the right place, unless it's chock full of AWCs who don't know what real steel is and end up making it a HALO collab. The new generation of awesome Collabers are TheLastOffficial, Subnauticatracer, ThatRealSteelFan, and XxWitheredToyBonniexX.

Their elemental powers can sometimes get out of hand, which may require the intervention of special users called Adminolor contrulius, or admins, to get them back on track. Sometimes their pillars don't work out, maybe AWCs threw way to many of their insult rocks at them, and the users are forced to bring it down, in a process called "retirement" or "inactivity". There are many inactive users, such as: Mg1 Pro Exo, Tribound, Velociripper(Recently awoke from hibernation and made contact with Tribby), Simon Miznikov (now alive from the dead), AxlSmashr, James Lightning, LooksLikePoop and Sean4333.

Generations of Collabers:

(THE ANCIENT TIMES, need filling)

Ambus N.O1 fan, Noisy Bystander

Tribound, Overkill4thewin, Mg1Pro exo

LookslikePoop, MvTheWriter

(Need filling)

(Dark Ages, no one really do stuff here)

Last Generation: ThatRealSteelFan, TheLastOffficial

Newest Generation: XxWitheredToyBonniexX, Subnauticatracer, Nakros


There happens to be many new users on the wiki. Called Newbinius Medosor, commonly called Newbs or Newbies, these users are new and don't know how to do most things, so the Admins and Collabers help them out. Some turn out to be amazing Collabers, while others give up quickly. These newbies are Hawaiian Frog and Little Springtrap. Hopefully they become Collabers.

Dantek MXVII

He's a newbie. What else is there to say?

Dark Collabers

Dark Collabers are a different species of Collabers, rather than making balanced robots, they make creatures that belong in a wiki that is unexplored and has nothing to do with our wiki...The Halo Wiki. Also called Darkimonius Collaberius Storolor, their creations are incredibly strong and unbeatable. They are world-ending machines, not robot boxers. The Dark Collaber is Soul King, a name almost everyone here despises.

Current known species (Add yourself in!)


One of the old "legends" as you might say. Tribound is very different from today's generation of robot boxers. Gone were the days to Denster's total demolition. How about that time when Ravagor was outstanding. Oneway, oh my. The likes, they are all nearly unmaintained. Tribound is really sad about this.

As a fourth-gen admin and bureaucrat of the wiki, his job is to maintain peace and keep the fun. He wants the wiki to go back to its old self. Now, he is feeling a bit too nostalgic. He is yet to meet all the new-gen heroes. He is quite rustic right now, but...



Subnauticus tracerouis, more commonly known as Subnauticatracer, is a kind hearted species encountered at times in the wiki. It is one of the first creatures in a long tin to have the ability to open a portal into a universe known as the live chat. They can be encountered in places farther than the known wiki, opening their own portals to other wikis, either hanging out or cleaning up.

They are not admins, but they take the rules of the wiki jungles very seriously. They get triggered with generation 4 and above and sometimes unleash their rage, censored. These gals need to be 14 in order to create portals. They currently have a feud with Raymundoinius Santiig.

They are also the inventor of the triangle known as the Move Triangle. Other programs include: Wild Charge, Encode, Slash fest, and Magikarp, which still needs to be worked on


Raymundoinius Santiig, other wise known as ThatRealSteelFan or Raymond Santiago, is a relatively new species of user on the wiki. A very kind user, they create multiple robots to aid others. While also not an admin, Raymunoinius Santiig takes the wiki rules seriously. However, their temper is sometimes uncontrollable, getting triggered over losing a single fight. An example was when Ragnarok defeated Twister. Because of this, he has a feud with Subnauticus Tracerouis, but they want to apologize to her.

Update: Evolved into an admin.


A sophisticated non-human species of wiki user, Scauldrons are powerful Dragons capable of breathing jets of hot water.


A species worth meeting with. These species are relatively friendly and also can do great collab work. Officials can help you with many things such as cleaning up pages and finishing up collabs.

The species have reached their 'hibernation' period but will return fully active at the end of June.

(Update. They are back.)

TheLastOfficial was here (again).


Simon Mizinkov

This species, like many others, appeared one day and has existed in The Wiki for 2 years now, however an overall of 8 months were spent hibernating. Despite what you might think, this species is pretty mysterious. They live in the north of The Wiki, where the area is less jungle-like and more swampy, so that’s why the species looks so green, muddy and monster-like. Also- most of the “Semyonia Mizinkovrus” are lazy. Very, very lazy. That’s probably why they spent so much time hibernating, or maybe not. Maybe they’re hibernating because they’re a lot more powerful than you know... See? Kinda mysterious. Almost all of the species has left the lands of The Wiki thoroughout those years (which is strange as well) and now there’s only one member of the species left- one that calls himself Simon Mizinkov (even though his real name is Semyon) Or ChompThing2303. He thinks that his work for The Wiki is underappreciated and that it deserves more attention, but is way to shy and polite to really say it out loud. He seems to get along very well with the Officials.

Simon Mizinkov was here.

Ambuscus nobillius

More commonly known as Ambus. An ancient being who almost never hibernated. This user is active ever since it joined and is usually restless. One of the most powerful beings ever existed, this species is ranked number one on the "Scoreboard", having finally surpassed the former rank one, an evil dark overgod whose makes even the gods tremble........DarkSage4. He finally gained the upperhand in their eternal battle and now claims the realms as his.

Upon reaching his heights of power, Ambus managed to come in contact to the ones above all: "The Fandom Support". He made a cursed contract with these powerful being in order create a new dimension.....the "Discussion".

EpicDudus Xtreme (Please don't laugh)

This species has a mysterious origin. No one knows who he truly is. This species is very active and is always restless. They find everything and tries to make themselves a part of almost everything. Following the path of others, this species has influenced this wikia a lot. If unruly behavior is spotted by this species, they will strike down with force, usually calling on admins and swearing (although substituting letters for symbols). The true identity of this species is unknown, because they want to stay protected. They use the alias "Johnny John Johnson" and creates many strange and powerful robots such as Paradox, Shockwave, Fatality and Shutdown. They "consider" many people such as Subnauticatracer, Officials and Ambuscus nobillius friends.

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