The Typ X-B was planned as the Ultimate robot boxer that can defeat any Opponent in a few seconds. Its development took serval years and costs about CHF 1,3 Billion. After his development time he fought in the WRB and later after a haevy defeat in the underworld


Strength: 100/100

Speed:  30/100

Armor: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Durability: 30/100

Height: 250 cm (8,2 ft)

Weight: 850 Kg (1873 lbs)

Balance: 57:2:0


During his time in the WRB X had 23 fights of wich he won 22 by K.O. During his last fight in the WRB X fought against the then Champion Noisy Boy. In the beginning it looked like Noisy Boy didn‘t stand a chance but after 17 seconds the system of X crashed due to a programming error and could not be restarted. After Noisy Boy Hit X for 40 seconds, which was stuck in a corner he, broke through his chestplate and destroyed a large Part of his electronics irreperably.


After X was destroyed by Noisy Boy he was transportet to a scrap yard Where he was repaired by an unknown person and sold by them to southamerika for 120000 USD. In the underworld X fought in 36 fights of wich he won 35 by K.O.

Last fight

During his last fight (Midas rematch) X had a System Crash like in the fight against Noisy Boy because the programming error was never fixed. So Midas could X tear off the left leg and the right arm. This caused a short circuit that melted his electronics.


the Typ X-B without chestplate


  • X was Not disposed after the fight against Midas so it is not known exactly where he is.
  • During his first underworld fight X fought without a chestplate because first a new one have to be made in Switzerland and send to South America.
  • The first prototype of the type X-B is still ready for action and is fighting in the underworld

    The icon of the Typ X-B

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