• Armor: 95/100 (500/100 in Whirlwind Mode)
  • Power: 89/100 (500/100 in Whirlwind Mode)
  • Speed: 100/100 (600/100 in Whirlwind Mode)
  • Intelligence: 79/100 (300/100 in Whirlwind Mode)
  • Special: 78/100 (500/100 in Whirlwind Mode)
  • Total: 441/500 (2,300/500 in Whirlwind Mode)
  • Type: Lightning Bruiser, Level 5
  • Generation: 3 (former Generation 1)
  • Height: 8'2 1/2 feet
  • Weight: 1,392 Pounds
  • Special Feature: 2-Inch Titanium Armor throughout body, Whirlwind Mode
  • Special Moves: Tornado Palm, Supersonic Smash
  • Owner/Handler: Raymond Santiago
  • Intro: "Here's the Titanium Terror, the robot faster than sound, Twister!"
  • Nickname: "The Titanium Terror"
  • Record: (Wins/Losses/Draws) 15/1/0


The year is 2014. Human boxing is dying, and the sport of robot boxing is becoming bigger and bigger. So, a former boxer, David McRaclan, decides to spend his saved-up winnings, a combined 45,000$, to create a robot. He bought a cheap Chaos bot from the junkyard and had him and his brother convert it into a robot. He spent 25,000$ in all. Meanwhile, an official league for robot boxing was created. It was called "Robot Boxing International". That league would later be renamed World Robot Boxing. David fought and defeated all the other robots. However, after a year of success, a new robot, Gamma, destroyed him. Being the champion when robot boxing just started, Twister was easily forgotten. That is until now.

During the year 2020, 18 year old amateur robot boxer Raymond Santiago moves to the small island of O'ahu, Hawai'i, U.S.A from his hometown of Manila, Philippines. His unfinished robot, named Volcano, is shipped to his aunt's house, where he is staying. Desperate to finish Volcano, he sneaks into a robot junkyard during the night and unknowingly takes home with him a new 'bot: former WRB champion Twister.

Chapter 1: Bringing Home a Legend

Raymond rushes home. He takes the parts into his basement, where he soon discovers that his parts were actually a complete robot. Twister. He'd input the name on his laptop, revealing that Twister was a former WRB champion before being defeated by Gamma, which too was soon trashed. He cleaned up Twister, added his other robot's voice compatibility, and added 2 inches of titanium throughout his whole body. He took pieces off his Dad's incomplete WRB robot, Volcano, and put it on Twister. It made him like a jacked up Zeus! Well, for the Underworld. It took him 5 days to finish. This marked the beginning of a new age for the veteran boxer.

Chapter 2: The First Fight


The next morning, Raymond started practicing with Twister and learned his 2 special moves: Tornado Palm and Supersonic Smash. He kept training until the next week, when he decided to join a local fighting competition at an abandoned parking lot in Waikiki. It was held by local Underworld champion Marcus "Akamai" Gadge. The first bot to challenge him was a visitor from CrashPalace, Bluebot. Him being an old, outdated, and weak robot, Raymond knew that he was going to be easy to beat. He called him out to fight, and not knowing who Twister is, hastily accepted. Bluebot charged forward, but got his head knocked off with one punch from Twister. Raymond won 10,000$ from that fight. Embarrased, Bluebot's Brazillian owner fleed the competition as soon as he could. Twister was back in the leagues.

Chapter 3: Underworld Rising Star

After defeating Bluebot, during that 1 competition, a number of bots called Twister out. First was a Junkie named "Mumble-Jumble". Being a Junkie, he was 1 hit KOed by Twister. Next came Blacktop, while he put up a tiny fight, he too was wrecked. Next came Aquabot, but he was like Bluebot, old, outdated and weak. Both of his arms and his head got ripped off by Twister's Supersonic Smash. Right after that, Skar challenged Twister. Skar couldn't do much. He was knocked out after 2 rounds. Twister fighting all these robots and defeating them all grabbed the attention of Marcus. He called out Raymond and Twister.

Chapter 4: Underworld Superstar

Marcus and Raymond both came with their robots. Marcus had his robot, Gringo, and Raymond brought Twister.

Round 1

Gringo came head-first with an uppercut. However, Twister dodged it with a quick spin and gave him two hooks right to his head. Gringo countered with an uppercut, but it didn't do much thanks to Twister's Titanium armor. Marcus did a fully charged combo, each punch connecting with Twister's face. However, Twister came out of the special move with a mere scratch on his face. Marcus was astonished. Seeing how strong Twister was, he forfeit the match. He also paid Raymond with 100,000$!

The new Underworld champion of Hawaii is....Twister and his handler, Raymond!

Chapter 5: Eyes on the WRB

Now that Marcus had been defeated, Underworld fighters talked about Raymond and Twister all the time. Whenever they entered a competition to watch or train, they were treated both like a king. Soon, all the talk about them grabbed the attention of the most famous WRB magazine. A representative from the team that writes the Underworld articles asked Raymond if he'd like a shot at the WRB. He quickly said yes, so the representative said that he'd be fighting against a small-time WRB fighter, Hattori 2.0., at the Blaisdell Center next week Friday. It was, however, an undercard fight. But it was still a WRB fight. So, they started training.

Chapter 6: Back In the WRB

It was finally Friday. Raymond's heart pumped like crazy. He was nervous. There were people lined up in the bleachers everywhere. It was time.

Round 1

Hattori moved forward slowly with his hands up, leaving his abdomen exposed. Raymond found a chance to attack. He used a Tornado Palm straight to Hattori's stomach! Hattori fell down out of shock. The count started. Everyone shouted, "1...2...3...4...5!" He stood back up. Hattori did his special move. He missed, so, Twister countered with a move that Raymond had recently taught him: Noisy Boy's Southpaw Pain Revolution! Hattori dropped down the the ground again. The count started. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10!" The referee motioned that Hattori was a goner. The winner was Twister! In the end, Raymond had received 45,000$ as his winning prize!

Chapter 7: King of the Robots

After Hattori, Twister had faught and beat Danger Zone, Photon, Gridlock, Axelrod, Blac Jac, and Twin Cities. Zeus had called him out to fight. Raymond was shocked and anxious about the fight. He thought about his situation. The original WRB champion against the WRB champ now. It was too much to take in. But he trained. He got Twister ready. It was now time to fight Zeus.

Chapter 8: End Game

Round 1

The bell dinged. Zeus came charging in, trying to end the fight as early as possible with a Nuke Fist. He missed. Twister used his Supersonic Smash on Zeus. It did mild damage to Zeus, as he was dazed. He then cleaned up with a Tornado Palm. It connects with Zeus' head. Robot fluids splattered everywhere on the arena as Zeus' face plate was damaged. However, he just stood back up and pushed Twister into a corner. He tried his Nuke Fist again, but Twister sidestepped around Zeus and Gave him a hook to the head. Zeus fell forward. The count started. "1...2...3..-"

Round 2

The bell would ding. Zeus stood up. He was saved by the bell. His face would be partially repaired. The bell dinged again. They were on the move, closer and closer. Zeus used his piston-powered hands to punch Twister's abdomen. It would do mild damage. However, Zeus left his head wide open. This gave Twister the opportunity to give Zeus a taste of his own medicine. He spun around Zeus and did a Supersonic Smash to him. Zeus' faceplate flew off. Wires and fluid was revealed. This made Zeus much more vulnerable. Raymond took his chance. He charged right in, jumping, then doing a swift and powerful jab to Zeus' head. Raymond could see Zeus stop punching and just fall backwards. Wires were cut. The crowd has never seen somebody completely annihilate Zeus like that before.

Farrah Lemkova and Tak Mashido were angry. Really angry. Really angry that they had lost to a robot older than theirs'. Angry that they lost to a robot with inferior technology. Angry that Zeus got destroyed by his signature move. They stormed out of the arena, even cursing at and pushing away some of the paparazzi that followed them.

For Raymond, he felt happy and most importantly, proud. Because of his training and engineering, he had defeated the strongest bot to ever fight in the WRB.

The prize was 3,000,000$. They had won the WRB belt, and had Twister's name etched into the Hall of Fame the second time (He had his already etched before he lost to Gamma).

Raymond hugged Twister. They had won. They were the champions.

Chapter 9: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Raymond watched in awe as Ambush 2.0. made quick work of Midas. He enjoyed a lot. But then, he thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if I got to stay on a team?" He thought of all the legends, Bunker Buster, Sparky, OneWay, Ravagor, Martian.... So, the next day, he asked John, the owner of Ambush 2.0. if he could JOIN Global Mech. To his surprise, he said yes. So, the next day, he went to the Global Mech headquarters. He saw them all...the Maniac...but there was the legend that Raymond practically worshipped, Ambush 2.0. This marks the start of a new story.

Chapter 10: Post-Gamma Upgrades

After having Twister destroyed by Gamma (fight can be read in Global Mech page), he is quickly fixed by members in Global Mech. Seeing that Twister had a hard time with Gamma, Raymond decides to give Twister MAJOR upgrades. He replaces Twister's old early-Generation 3 motherboard with a famous motherboard used in another famous robot: Shredder. He buys the Hyper Custom 59 Premium for 25,000$. He also makes Twister's fragile mainframe harder. He also adds a module that would help Twister have all his stats buffed, kind of like Doomfire, Ravagor, and Thanatos. This ability is called Whirlwind Mode. This makes Twister almost quadruple all his stats. However, there is a setback. Whirlwind Mode only lasts 7 seconds. So, Raymond must make every second count. He can also only activate it once a match. The module cost 250,000$. It was expensive, but worth it.

Chapter 11: Chinwhattamon?

A rebuilt version of Noisy Boy, Chinzaemon, is created by Charlie and Max Kenton. Seeing that Chinzaemon is winning lots of matches, Raymond gets ready to defend his title. Then, what he has feared finally came. He was called by Charlie Kenton. "Hey, uh, Raymond was it? Uh, well, Max and I would like to go against your bot, Twister." Raymond agreed to the fight. It was going to take place at the Bing Stadium.

Chapter 12: Twister Gets Twisted

The fight between Taister and Chinzaemon takes place.

Round 1

The bell rings. As Twister moves forward, Chinzaemon comes even closer. Twister attacks first with a quick jab to Chinzaemon's head, then he steps back and does an uppercut. Even while Chinzaemon was stunned, he still did a Shogun Trinity and managed to hurt Twister. Because Raymond wasn't used to the Whirlwind Mode, he had completely forgot to use it. This hurt Twister a lot, as Chinzaemon kept coming at him with all types of punches and even kicks. Twister was slowly getting more tired and tired, as his power core was running on empty. But then Raymond hears a loud "ding!". The bell. The 1st round was over.

Round 2

As Twister recharged his power core, he gets re-energized. He quickly does a Tornado Palm, but Chinzaemon recognizes the combo and counters it by spinning around Twister and delivering multiple jabs to the head. Twister falls down.

"1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! Twister's down!" The referee would shout. Charlie and Max would scream in delight, while Raymond embarrasingly pulled Twister off the ring. Raymond scurried home.

Chinzaemon now held on to a special title. "The 'bot that broke Twister".

Chapter 13: Rematch Is In the Works

While driving Twister back to the Ebot dormitories, he remembered: "The Whirlwind Mode!" He got mad at himself for not activating it. As he got to the dorms, he saw John Maxwell. "What happened to Twister?" He'd ask. Twister was all scratched up, quite literally. Raymond would reply, "I lost to that Chin-bot thingy, you know, the rebuilt Noisy Boy." John would be surprised. "You lost to that robot?" Raymond nodded in embarrassment. John said, "Well...have a rematch with him. Maybe you'll win. Well, I gotta go." Raymond thought about that option. He agreed to it.

Chapter 14: Chinzaemon Gets Shut Down

Charlie agreed to have a rematch. "We beat him once, we can beat him again." That was what he thought. He was wrong.

Round 1

Raymond remembered that Chinzaemon recognizes combos. So, he faked by making it look like he was going to do a Tornado Palm, but instead, he was going to to a series of jabs and uppercuts. Chinzaemon, believing that Twister did a Tornado Palm, blocked the air and punched nothing. Twister then replied to that by uppercutting Chinzaemon's torso, then jabbing and crossing Chinzaemon's face. As Chinzaemon was dazed, Twister grabbed Chinzaemon's arm and kept punching it. It flew off. Chinzaemon went down.

The referee started to count. "1...2...3...4...5." Chinzaemon stood up. DING! The bell.

Chinzaemon would get his faceplate fixed. Twister just got his energy core recharged.

Round 2

As Chinzaemon was getting tired, he just did a couple measly punches. They did little to stop Twister from using his Whirlwind Mode. Rather than Twister's LED "eyes" glowing blue, they turned into a cool white. It seemed that Twister was like a human boxer. He DID float like butterfly, and he DID sting like a bee. Twister's heavily buffed attack helped him make a hole in Chinzaemon's torso with a couple of jabs. His increased special abilities helped him have unlimited power in his energy core. 3 seconds left. Twister uppercut Chinzaemon's head. It nearly came off, just hanging on by 3 wires.

Chinzaemon went down. When he fell, that 3 wires became 2. "1..." The count started. "2..." As Chinzaemon tried to get up, a wire was cut. 2 wires decreased to 1. "3...4...5...6..." Chinzaemon was near to standing upright. "7...8...9..." Chinzaemon could not move any longer. His hydrauclics were failing. Chinzaemon fell. The last wire cut. Chinzaemon's head rolled a few inches. "10. Chinzaemon is finished!" Charlie fell on his knees. "We're doing MAJOR repairs. Got it?" He pointed to Max. Max shook his head in discouragement. Raymond however, found them, and as they left, he managed to catch up with them. After a small chat, Raymond offered to let Global Mech repair Chinzaemon. Opponents in battle are now allies outside of it.

Chapter 15: The Entry Match (The Fight Is On Ambush 2.0.'s Page)

Chapter 16: Raymond and Emily

As Raymond recently got back in touch with his best friend, Emily, the both of them have been growing very close to each other. While Emily isn't a full-time boxer, she does own a robot. It is named Buzzbee for its yellow color. They have a quick fight.

Round 1

Buzzbee comes in immediately with its special move, The Sting. This catches Raymond off guard, doing light damage, but nothing too severe. Twister responds with a Supersonic Smash, effectively knocking down Buzzbee.

Raymond counted. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10. I win."

After doing some wiring repairs on Buzzbee, they depart for the day. Raymond feels somewhat accomplished.

Chapter 17: Destruction

Raymond angrily pounded a mallet into Twister. Twister was all dented, and his paint was fading. On the side was a ripped poster of the Twister vs Ragnorak fight. He kept pounding Twister with the mallet, but thanks to his titanium armor, he only was lightly dented. Seeing that Twister was still fine despite cosmetic-wise, he turned on Volcano. The HP logo flashed on the remote. He immediately started to beat up Twister with Volcano. Twister was in need of dire repairs, but because Raymond was angry, he didn't care. All he wanted was to stop Ragnorak. For good.

20 minutes earlier.

Raymond came home from the fight against Ragnorak. Behind him was a broken down Twister. Raymond had realized that he got beat by an inferior robot. He hated that Ragnorak. He also began to feel a sense of dread against Jenise. He saw the way her face had lit up after she learned Twister was down. He wanted to get rid of that smile. He also was angry at Twister. How did he lose? Raymond was unsure. He had trained. He had done everything he needed to do. He had beaten Zeus! Raganorak? Nope, just Midas. He was mad.

Back in the present.

As he entered his garage, the first thing he did was pick up a mallet. He started to beat Twister with it. Right after, he ripped the poster from the fight. He turned on Volcano. He repeatedly punched Twister. He completely decimated him. After, he just left Twister on the floor, entire body busted-up. His hydraulics leaked. His energy core broke. His arms were sprawled on the floor.

Chapter 18: The Twister Saga Ends

Raymond decided to not repair Twister. He left him in his garage, arms still on the floor, and his fluids dried up. Raymond was sad, but he has tried his best to move on. Despite the fact that he loved Twister for what he was, he now uses a new robot he had created, named Twilight. Raymond has recently donated the remains of Twister to the Fawk Hedhon National Robot Boxing Museum.

Chapter 19: Resurrection

Read Vortex's page.


Twister has lazer vision. Just kidding.

David McRaclan is now the owner of a robot boxing place, called The Zone.

P.S. TheLastOffficial, I actually asked Scauldy to let you join Global Mech. :D

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