Twin Cities
Twin Cities fighting stance
Vital statistics
Title The Two-Headed Tyrant

The Tower of Power

Generation 3
Bot Type Jack of all Stats
Status Offline

Name: Twin Cities

Title/Nickname: "The Two-Headed Tyrant", "The Tower of Power"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Jack Of All Stats

Ranking: W:1:1

Status: Offline


Twin Cities is also known as the "Two-Headed Tyrant" and the "Tower of Power". In the Real Steel Movie, released in theaters On October 7, 2011, we saw Twin Cities for the first time when Atom, Max, and Charlie were introduced to their first WRB fight. Twin Cities was defeated by Atom when they found his weakness in his right shoulder. Twin Cities' shoulders have a hitch meaning that whenever he punches, his shoulder will tilt instantly, which telegraphs his punches and makes them predictable and easy to dodge. Twin Cities wasn't seen again in the movie.
Twin Cities

Twin Cities engaging

Twin cities card

Twin Cities Card


Origin: USA

Signature Move:

  • Hypnotic Flurry
  • Super Hypnotic Flurry(Midas)
  • Ultra Hypnotic Flurry(Blockbuster)

Defeated By: Atom

Console Managers/Handlers: Hammerfall Partners

Color: Red

Height: 8'0"

Weight: 1210 lbs

Special Feature: Spiral Head Spinner

Special Ability: Show Stopper

Real Steel game

Real Steel Game

In the Real Steel game, Twin Cities is ranked #1 on the World Robot Boxing Stage 1, #2 if you beat him. His collectible parts are very rare, and it is impossible to collect all of them upon defeating him. When you defeat him in the Game, you can use him as a playable character on Local Multiplayer. His punches are strong and very quick, and he possesses a high intelligence level. He also is very quick to block your punches. His level 5 parts can be bought from the store by selecting “Real Steel GEMINI Lv 5 parts” in the “Robot” section.The Gemini parts only have one head, but all the other parts are the same.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  • Twin Cities' Original Appearance
  • Twin Cities' Stage 3 Appearance
  • Twin Cities' Stage 7 Appearance (1)
  • Twin Cities' Stage 7 Appearance (2)
  • Twin Cities (Fully Upgraded)
  • Twin Cities Stage 7 Appearance

In the Real Steel WRB, Twin Cities is the Champion of WRB I. You need to defeat the champion of UW II, Metro to advance the WRB I stage and defeat 4 robots in the WRB I tier in order for you to face him for the WRB I Championship, and to advance to the next section, WRB II.

Stage 3: In this stage, Twin Cities will have a transparent armor in his body and legs. His shoulders will be larger and more grayish.

Stage 7: Twin Cities entire body will be covered with an Armor that will cover most of his yellow lights/LEDs in his body. His fists and shoulder will be bigger than his original appearance.

Announcer's Quote: "Make way for the Two-Headed Tyrant, the Towers of Power. Here's...Twin Cities!"

Twin Cities Full Appearance


As his name suggests, he has a "made in Detroit" feel to his build. Mainly a red coloring, but with detailing that resembles skyscrapers. Twin Cities' biggest gimmick is the twin heads. Due to this, he actually has two controllers.

Twin Cities’ signature move is making his double heads spin a full 360 degrees on their axis. His frame has a red, black, and silver finish, with glowing yellow eye sockets. Tower-block-style detailing gives him the appearance of a two-headed walking skyscraper. He is 8 ft and 1210 lbs.


Strength: 83/100

Speed: 75/100

Intelligence: 90/100

Special moves: 45/100

Made In: USA

Specialties: Advanced tracking

Handlers: Hammerfall Partners


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Real Steel Basic Action Figure - Twin Cities (Series 1)

Twin Cities' basic toy is very inaccurate, lacking window details, window patterns on his face, and scraped paint marks from fighting other bots.

Real Steel Deluxe Action Figure - Twin Cities (Series 2)

This toy has no information as of now, but it is pretty much the same as the smaller toy, detail-wise. It's also more accurate than the smaller one.


  • Twin Cities is based on the Twin Cities, the two adjacent principal cities of Minnesota, USA; Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • When moving, he appears to make a rapid series of clicks.
  • The back of his heads look like toasters.
  • In the Real Steel Xbox 360/PS3 game and Real Steel WRB game, if you decapitate Twin Cities, you knock both heads off, while in the Real Steel iOS game, you only knock off one. This may be because in the iOS game, one of his heads is part of his TORSO.
  • In Real Steel iOS, only his left head is actually functional. The right head is just there and does not move. In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, his left head still moves but you can knock off both heads.
  • In the Real Steel iOS game BYOR, Junkyard Robot 2 head resembles Twin Cities but is yellow with a silver face and red eyes.
  • Twin Cities has two heads, thereby making two owners necessary. The owners, called the Hammerfall Partners, operate each head.
  • According to Hugh Jackman (Charlie), he cost 20 million dollars to make.
  • In the Real Steel WRB game, he is the only robot that doesn't have health ending in 00. (Has 5160) His power isn't divisible by 8 either! (Has 420)
  • In the WRB card, Twin Cities' special is Hypnotic Flurry, not Hypnotic Fury.
  • Twin Cities is available in Real Steel: Champions.
Twin cities Concept
Twincities Concept
  • In the Movie, Twin Cities is the 3rd best in the WRB after Zeus and Atom.
  • Twin Cities also has a Golden version in Real Steel iOS: Twin Cities Gold.