Disclaimer: This robot is only fighting those who request a fight with him, otherwise I won't challenge you.


Armor: 90/100 (5/100 in Midnight Mode)

Power: 97/100 (1,000/100 in Midnight Mode)

Speed: 100/100 (1,000/100 in Midnight Mode)

Intelligence: 80/100 (1,000/100 in Midnight Mode)

Special: 90/100 (1,000/100 in Midnight Mode)

Total: 457/500 (4,005/500 in Midnight Mode)

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser, Level 7

Generation 4

Handler: Raymond Santiago

Height: 8'0 ft.

Weight:807 lbs.

Special Features: Titanium Knuckle Dusters, Midnight Mode, Punch-Countermeasures

Special Moves: Shadow Sneak, Dusk to Dawn

Nickname: "The Silent Slayer"

Intro: "Introducing the Silent Slayer, be quiet for...Twilight!"

Special Moves and Rip Off

Shadow Sneak: Twilight weaves around every attack, then punches a part of the robot that Raymond chooses based off of the situation.

Dusk to Dawn: Twilight does a 15-punch combo of hooks and uppercuts. He then proceeds to pleasantly rip off the opponent's arm if he can.

Rip Off: Twilight does Shadow Sneak and Dusk to Dawn at the same time. He then rips of the faceplate of the opponent and sweeps the opponent's legs, and while they're falling, rips off their legs.

Win/Loss/Tie Record

Robot Location W/L/D Prize
Gambit Crash Palace Win $10,000
Aquabot Crash Palace Win $1,000
Albino Crash Palace Win $30,000
Midas Crash Palace Win $50,000 + Crash Palace Champion
Rook TCG CSBT Win Moved on to next fight
Shockwave CSBT Win Moved on to next fight
Paladin CSBT Win Moved on to Tournament Stage 2
Shredder CSBT Loss 4th Place in CSBT S1

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Ray would turn on his laptop. He'd then plug in the USB flash drive his mom sent him from the Philippines. Clicking on the "Files" application, he saw a folder called "labang ni bulkan", literally "Fights of Volcano." He'd mutter to himself, "Very Tagalog." As he opened the folder, he saw videoes, all put in chronological order with different dates. First was a fight titled "laban1". Raymond booted up the video. It was an hour long.

"Hello folks, and welcome to the Motor City, Detroit! We are here in the Motor City Stadium for the debut of a brand new generation 2 robot, the highly-anticipated Volcano!" Crowds would cheer in the background. Raymond gasped. Volcano had been the WRB! The video then skipped to the title fight. "Here we are, the main bout! In the left corner, we have the newcomer, Volcano! In the right corner, the Mojave Masher, Agash!"

Landon, under the alias "Lancelot" was the handler.


Both robots circled the arena, like vultures spying on their prey. At last, Volcano went in. Weaving below punches, he came in through Agash's arms. Volcano did a Blast Burn, severely damaging Agash's chest. Agash however, wasn't fazed. He responded by rapidly punching Volcano's chest. This made Volcano slower, as his power core was leaking. Fluids spilled everywhere. Volcano dropped down. Agash's handler snickered. He taunted Landon. "Come on! Fight me you p*ssy! Hah!" He then made Agash beat up Volcano's "dead" body. "Get the hell up!" Everyone in the crowd roared at Agash's handler. Security had to take his controller and turn of Agash. Agash and his handler were never seen again. At least in the WRB.

Raymond, now without Twister, had to create a new main robot for him to use. Being that he had parts from Twister, he used Twister's titanium armor to make knuckle dusters for his new robot. He also used Twister's Whirlwind Mode, but reworked it to make it like Ambush 2.0.'s Stealth Mode. Lastly, he retained the Hyper Custom 59 and tinkered with it to make countermeasures for Midnight. When his enemy attacks, the Hyper Custom 59 will recognize the punch and immediately block it. The only downside is that it requires a 60 second charge time after Twilight blocks 5 attacks. Raymond specifically made Twilight a lot more powerful than Twister simply because of his tragic loss against Ragnorak. He created Twilight at first for the sole purpose of beating Ragnorak. But he then decided to use a Twilight as his main robot.

Chapter 2: The Proof Fight

Raymond loaded Twilight in his truck. He took him to Crash Palace to wreck some unlucky robot, and prove to Raymond that Twilight was a good robot. The main event was against Gambit. Gambit came all the way from Vegas to win, but he was about to lose.


Gambit came charging at Twilight. Raymond, having more experience, responded with a painful uppercut to Gambit's head. Gambit studdered from that single uppercut, proving how powerful Twilight was. Gambit was dazed, while Twilight came in with a Shadow Sneak, effectively ripping off Gambit's fists. Hand-less, Gambit relied on wires to attack with his arms. Gambit tried chops, but they didn't work. Raymond used this to his advantage. When Gambit did a chop, Twilight grabbed Gambit's arm. Twilight started to pull. Using his sheer power alone, Twilight ripped off Gambit's arm and the joint that connected it. Connected to the joint was the power core. It came off along with the arm. Gambit dropped down backwards.


This proved to Raymond that Twlight was going to become an awesome robot.

Chapter 3: Twilight's Plight

Right after the fight against Gambit, Arek Pekkanen came by. He challenged Twilight with Aquabot. He wanted to see if Twilight would end up beating him like Twister or not.

Round One

Aquabot came in, swinging wildly. Raymond activated the countermeasures, blocking all attacks. He then did a Shadow Sneak, effectively ripping open Aquabot's torso. It revealed a potato-sized energy core. Because of its huge size, it was an easy target. Twilight did his rip off. He managed to rip off Aquabot's energy core, smash it to bits, and rip off his legs.

"1..2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! Aquabot's down! As always..."

Chapter 4: Let's Kick It Up a Notch

Twilight had a winning streak of 2. However, another robot came. This time it was Albino. Albino was a feared ex-WRB robot, notorious for surviving against Zeus. Raymond knew that this was going to be an interesting fight.

Round Øñę

Albino steadily crept around the arena, with Twilight mirroring him. Albino's handler was experienced, but not as much as Raymond. So, without warning, Twilight did a Shadow Sneak, aiming for where Albino's head moves. It did severe damage to Albino, but his head was still on. Then, Raymond swiftly did Dusk to Dawn. Since Albino's arms were really thin and small, one of his arms came off quickly. Despite Albino trying to attack, Twilight didn't recieve any damage. But then, Raymond heard a loud ding, and the round was over.

Raymond replenished Twilight's energy core, while Albino repaired his head.

Round Twooooooooooo

Albino came in closer this time than the first round. Albino wasn't as soft as Raymond had thought, but he was still an easier robot to defeat. Twilight prepared with his countermeasures. He blocked all attacks that Albino put out. Albino, exhausted, slowed down. Twilight then (happily) proceeded to to his rip off. Albino had both arms and both legs ripped off. Twilight was once again victorious. Twilight recieved no damage during this fight!

Chapter 5: The Challenger

After having a 3-win streak in Crash Palace, Artie Bakker decided to challenge Twilight with Midas. Seeing that Twilight was very strong compared to Twister, Raymond accepted.

Round 1

Midas came charging in flamboyantly. Expecting an easy win, Midas immediately performed the Tomahawk Blow. Twilight's Punch-Countermeasures detected the move, and before Midas could grab his head, Twilight did a hard jab to the faceplate of Midas. It did a lot of damage, seeing that it was crunched up. Midas sluggishly tried to punch, but Twilight countered with a harder, better, faster, and stronger (Daft Punk reference) punch. Finally, Twilight performed his rip off. Shadow Sneak effectively took off Midas' head, sending it flying into the crowd of people, and Dusk to Dawn obliterated his torso, carving a hole in his chest. On the floor of the ring was little fiber-optic hairs, coming from Midas' mohawk. Artie was at awe. Midas was defeated, once more.

After watching Twilight fight, Raymond noticed that he rivaled strong robots like Thanatos. Now, he only fights per request.

Chapter 6: Legends

Raymond fumbles with a controller, struggling to turn on Twilight. Layers of dust and gecko feces lay on the robot. It's been a year since Raymond last used Twilight.

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