"AGHH! What was that?" - Coffee enhanced Tweek

Tweek is the childish, kind hearted, and quirky brother of Craig Cartman. While Craig is monotone and serious, Tweek is more carefree as any younger brother should be.


Tweek has messy blond hair and wears an incorrectly-buttoned green shirt with blue jeans.

However, Robot Boxing requires his best outfit to train, and Tweek changes into a green and blue Jumpsuit that is ESPECIALLY breathable for his coffee quirks.


Unlike Craig, Tweek is hopelessly optimistic, thinking things can be better. His younger brother state means that he does act immature at times, but that does not mean he is crazy.

Tweek is just like any younger brother: Optimistic, Hopeful, and really, REALLY Tempermental.

However, when enhanced by Coffee, Tweek isn't even Childish. With a high sensitivity of Caffeine, Tweek becomes, as Janise Keri might say, Twitch Man.

Tweek is like his brother, Craig, in terms of drug psychology. When he is affected by depressants, Tweek is turned inside out and acts like a yellow haired version of Craig.


Janise Keri

As the younger brother of a Member of the Freedom Pals, Tweek has had quite a lot of Run Ins (Literally) with the leader of the group. Janise Keri, while she is older than Tweek, It doesn't stop the jittery child from asking to tag along.

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  • During Craig and Tweek's creation, I originally planned them to be gay, but I decided against that.
  • Tweek and Craig are known in the school as the D and S. The D representing Tweek's Depressant sensitivity, and the S representing Craig's Stimulant sensitivity
  • I originally had their roles switched when planning for them, which is just, Quote Rocket, "Bat S*** Crazy!"
  • I am planning to make a RBIS page, but I am not real good at making schools.
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