Name: Turbo

Nickname: The Fastest Bot

Special Move: Drax-Punch
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Handler: Jacob Williams

Armour: 100/100(798/800 when in HyperDrive)

Made in: Texas, USA

Generation: 3

Robot type: Brawler

Special Feature: Scorpion Plating,HyperDrive Command)

Speed:100/100(800/800 When in HyperDrive)

Power:80/100(670/800 when in HyperDrive)

Special:75/100(578/800 when in HyperDrive)


Built by a Drag Racer Jacob Williams,who decided to need cash to buy a new car named Alpha Streak Sport Car which cost$ so he used Turbo to battle the robots in the Underworld and earn some money,he bought with his money a HyperDrive Command that beefs the stats up to 800.So Turbo was Ready to go and battle Bluebot,Gambit,Crimson Carnage and Steamer-Style in a Tournament .

Entering the Tournament

So Jacob and Turbo went to the GRBL and meet Hiroto and found a Arena for them called,SteamPiston Stadium,Designed by the Yale Family.the fight has been mapped out and the board of challenger is like this:

Steamer-Style vs Tackle(SS Won)

Turbo vs Bluebot(Turbo Won)

Crimson Carnage vs Ambush(CC won)

Nitro vs Danger Zone(Nitro)

Once the fight was over the board changed and the semi-finals are like this:

Turbo vs Nitro(Turbo won)

Steamer-Style vs Crimson Carnage(SS Won)

and so here are the finals:

Turbo vs Steamer-Style(Draw)

Both Robots Knocked themselves out and won 30.000.00$

Dealing With A Rival

When a match was over (Against Blockbuster) the CEO decide to have jacob fight his rival:Lewis Smith.

When Lewis met his old rival Jacob the both have a match to see who is the great WRB champion. So Jacob agreed to fight Lewis.

Final Boss (Against FastMach V)

Coming Soon!


Turbo and Steamer-Style are Friends including their Owner

Turbo is Unranked in MRB and CBL

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