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Armor: 77/100

Speed: 90/100

Power: 89/100

Intelligence: 71/100

Special: 85/100

Overall: 412/500

TripleG VS Zeus

DING! The round began. Zeus threw first, backing TripleG in the corner. TripleG kept getting hammered with Zeus and his Nitrous Pistons. Zeus prepared for the NukeFist, but TripleG ducked and got to the back of Zeus. TripleG punched Zeus' head and got away. Zeus turned around and threw a humongous hook. TripleG was forced back into the corner AGAIN. Zeus started firing ASAP and kept taking every chance to punch. TripleG went down after a bad beat to the body. But he got back up on the count of 4, still standing, with hands in 10-2. Zeus then went in and creamed him for a second time. TripleG fell asleep TWICE in the match, and still managed to get back up on his feet, 10-2. DING DING! The round was over. It was time for TripleG to get repaired, only to get nuked again in the second round. TripleG got back up, on the count of 6, STILL conscious and raising 10-2. Zeus took no time punching again. TripleG kept feeling the steel of Zeus' fists, punch after punch after PUNCH! TripleG went down another time. The referee thought RGG was a goner, so he called TripleG's owner and asked him if he wanted to throw in the towel.

He did not say anything, but he definitely said no in his mind.

The 5th round was coming to an end. TripleG got up ONCE AGAIN after the 5th knockdown. TripleG and his owner was getting tired about this, and it didn't look like Zeus would stop anytime soon. Zeus did. At the other corner, Yu Bleu saw Tak Mashido getting frustated with Zeus' stamina. "This is the chance, TripleG. GO GET 'EM!" RGG did just that. He took the chance of Zeus being inactive by punching rapidly, landing long and demolishing combos. He did so much damage, that Zeus' faceplate was slowly falling. You could see the green fluid. With 20 seconds left on the clock, TripleG did one devastating punch to make Zeus pay what he owed. The crowd was intensely shocked by the unbelievable feat. They've only experienced that once (Atom VS Zeus), but now they have seen it again. Zeus being knocked down.

The referee started the count, dazed by the amazing show TripleG put on.


Chapter One: His Favorite Boxer

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