Nickname:The Terrorizer

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Trifinity is Here!

Announcer's Quote:Here's Trifinity!

Robot Type:Marauder

Generation:4 Power:162



Move Set:Upslam Funk,Kaboom,Y so serious

Made in:USA


This bot was created by me in Real Steel Champions

Intro:Noisy Boy





Jack Veuer was a Grade A Student at Robology Institute,after graduation he decided to watch some robot boxing and was fascinated by their complex structure so he decided to build one and he spent 8 month building it.

One Night he witnessed and epic battle in Real Steel History,Atom vs Zeus, so he decided to train him and 10 months later he did,Jack and his new bot,now called Trifinity arrived at Crash Palace,where he meet Finn and asked him to bring the best bots that he could throw at Trifinity and he did.

Voodoo Whodoo?

Trifinity's first fight is with a bot called Voodoo which Finn told to Jack was Unstoppable until Jack activates,Tripunch,which did three light punches and beats him with an uppercut and kicked his head off,Finn was shocked to see Voodoo defeated, so they began welding Voodoo's head on the Crash Palace walls,Jack was eagered to see Trifinity's next opponent and so he did.

Loser or Winner?

After the first fight Jack upgraded Trifinity and Battled and in just 40 Seconds,Trifinity Kicked his head off AGAIN!,and Finn was Stil Shocked that this newcomer beat Freezer ,Punk and yet Enforcer within the last second.

Bye Bye Noisy

Trifinity's Final Match was with Noisy Boy,when the fight Began,Jack gave it his all,he did a heavy punch with a kick he used Hydro-Slam and using it with maximum power but nosiy decided to use his special but he missed,with 12 percent of health,Jack Used Hydro-Slam again in which K.Od Noisy and won the Crash Palace Tournament and took the trophy as his own,after the fight,Finn called Someone to let him know about this unsung bot and his owner,Jack was going to the next level by building a bot called Alloy with the help from Hiroto Hashimakai and to test it out with his bot Steel.




Right and Left arm:Grumpelsteelskin

Right and Left legs:Pinhead.


More of my Real Steel Champion Bots like Hornbuster are coming soon!

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