Name: Triad

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Bot Mainframe: Tri-Sun Horizon Gate

Bot Power Core: Midnight Orb 9

Nickname: The Gangster, The Peace Breaker

Intro: "It's the fearsome bot of the gang, loose on the civilized world! Destroy them, Triad!

Special Moves: Hooker Dangled, Drugged

Rip-Offs: Triad Tyranny


Triad was the first and the best gangster bot, built by Lance Reynolds in the OCW. He was based on the Chinese bot 'Sun Wukong', with watered-down showmanship and more strength.

Special Moves/Rip-Offs

Hooker Dangled: A massive hook that damages the opponent's communication systems, followed by a set of combos.

Drugged: A blow to the back of the head, forcing the opponent to lean in, where the back of the head is treated to more blows

Triad Tyranny: A blow that destroys random places in the opponent's torso, then destroys the head

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