Name: Tri-Gore

Title: The Brutal Terminator

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Tri-Gore is a buyable, playable and fightable robot from the Real Steel WRB game. Originally from URF, a game also developed by Reliance Games, Tri-Gore is the new final boss in the WRB Gold tier. Unlike the previous bosses, Tri-Gore will be fully upgraded when the player faces him, so they must be extremely careful and make sure to be properly upgraded or equipped with the right boosts, otherwise they'll most likely lose the fight. He was created by Tak Mashido and is owned by Farra Lemkova after Zeus was defeated by the player. He could be considered a Zeus 2.0 since he is also autonomous, only he works much more efficiently and causes a lot more trouble to the player. He was added in the Gold update along with Midas Gold, Metro Gold, Atom Gold and Zeus Gold in january of 2016. He has the Reconstruction ability and was later added the Armor Reinforce ability too, only this second ability can be used after the robot is upgraded to 2 Star. He was also added to the Real Steel HD (iOS) game, being one of the strongest bots there. He also has a considerably weaker variant called Thjorn, a superbot from the WRB I circuit which, ironically, is way stronger than him in URF.

Announcer's Quote: "Here's Tri-Gore! The Brutal Terminator!"


Tri-Gore RS iOS


Armor: 80/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 90/100


Health: 11900

Attack: 856

Special: 1766

WRB-G: 342

Boost: Full Health


Tri-Gore 001

Origin: USA

Ability: Reconstruction - Armor Reinforce

Weight: 1165 LBS

Height: 8'4"

Feature: Beast Matrix

Special Moves:

1.- Primordial Slam (Original)

2.- Super Primordial Slam (Original)

3.- Ultra Primordial Slam (Original)


Tri-Gore 002

As his name suggests, Tri-Gore is made to resemble a triceratops dinosaur. He is quite massive in comparison to most robots and even considerably taller than Abandon and Albino, which were the tallest bots in the game before he was added. He is mostly painted in an ivory/bone color, with golden trimmings on the shoulders, reddish orange lights and red horns, which really fit with his ancient fossil theming. He has reddish fingers and quite blocky forearms, his feet look more like lion paws than triceratops feet. He has an armor piece behind his head. He also has a loincloth-looking piece on the back oh his waist, which could be a reference to ancient tribes' clothing. He looks exactly the same as his URF version and has no changes at all, even in the iOS game. Despite being considerably popular in the fandom when he was released, he hasn't appeared in RS Champions or even in WRB 2, and it's still unknown if Reliance Games will use him again. Curiously enough, despite being the boss of the WRB-G tier, he's the only one that is NOT golden.


  • Tri-Gore originally comes from URF, a game also developed by Reliance Games.
  • In URF, Thjorn is called Tri-Pocalypse, and is much stronger than Tri-Gore.
  • He was one of the first URF bots to be added to the RS games.
  • He was probably added to the RS games since URF wasn't as popular.
  • Bio War's gold-grade left arm has Tri-Gore's forearm and hand.
  • He's one of the few robots from URF that has completely kept his original appearance with no changes.
  • If there was a Real Steel movie sequel, it could be a possibility to see Tri-Gore as the new world champion.
  • In the game, Tri-Gore is made as result of Zeus' defeat to the player, just like Asura in RS Champions.
  • He hasn't appeared in any other games besides RS iOS, WRB and URF.
  • He's the only boss that is fully upgraded in the Championship mode.
  • He has the exact same stats in RS iOS as Asura and Dreadlord.
  • In WRB he rips his opponents' head off, while in iOS he only seems to knock them out.
  • Despite being a WRB bot, he has an extremely dirty fighting style.
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