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"Here comes a massive machine from the void with a taste for destruction, it's TREKER!" -Announcer.

Name: Treker

Title: The Dusk Destroyer

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Brawler

Handler: James Chatnick

Treker is a bot that is as subtle as a flung battleaxe... with hands like battleaxes as well! He's a strong guy, but he's not so good at taking hits as he is at giving them.


Strength: 85/100

Speed: 70/100

Armor: 65/100

Intelligence: 95/100

Spec. Moves: 75/100

Made in: UK

Signature Moves: Into the Darkness, Slice n' Dice, "Did That Just Happen?".

Special Features: Treker has axe-like blades instead of hands, causing him to shy away from non-underworld fights.

Special Moves:

  1. Into the Darkness: Basically a headbutt.
  2. Slice n' Dice: Many light punches in rapid succession.
  3. "Did That Just Happen?": A roundhouses kick, followed by a hop backwards.


(WIP)When James Chatnick was a college student, he was trying his hardest to get a degree in robotics. One day, while looking through a junkyard for materials to help him build a machine, James found a black and purple robot buried under the scrap.


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