Trasher is a custom-made bot. I am working on more custom bots.


Generation: 2

Type: Jack of All Stats

Nickname: the Compacter Crusher

Weight: 2100 lbs

Size: 9 1/2 feet tall

Origin: Truck made in Afghanistan


Trasher started out as---a trash truck. As of 2015, a new type of garbage disposal came out and all the Garbdump Trucks were being deactivated. On a visit to a junkyard looking for parts to make his 21st bot, Conner Crater found the trucks in the yard. He had an idea and brought one home. He took apart the truck and used the modified head of Fat Boy (which he had found discarded in a junkyard) and other G1-G2 parts to work on the project. After 2 months, he entered Trasher into his first fight at The Carnival. Everyone laughed at him. They stopped laughing when Trasher knocked out the bull which Ambush would fight years later. His first bot-fight was aganstt Abandon, who was severlyy disabled after a fight with Zeus and therefore easily defeated. He went on to fight Midas (and lost) and then beat Menace, who Conner bought after the fight (another story). He is currently fighting in the underworld as one of Conner's succesfull fighters.

Intro: He's here to take out the trash, the Compacter Crusher: TRASHER!!!!!!

Fights so far:

Black Thunder(bull) win

Abandon(injured) win

Midas loss

Menace(bought) win

Metro draw

Metro(rematch) loss

Metro(rematch) loss

Metro(rematch) win

Midas(rematch) draw

Midas(rematch) win

Atom SEVERE loss

Bunker Buster SEVERE loss

<out for repairs and upgrades>

Ambush win

Turtle Terror loss

Turtle Terror(rematch) win

Silverado(test fight) draw

T-pex(bought) loss

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