Alias:The Gold Plated Menace








Bot type Game Breaker level 7

Weight 2987lbs

height 8.2ft

Anouncers quote "Made of the hardest material he's the Gold Plated Menace from Australia Trailblazer"

Specials and Rip off

Gravity Slam- Trailblazer 2.0 kicks enemy's body and slams the enemy to the ground

Fist of Doom-Trailblazer 2.0 kicks enemy's head and then kicks enemy's body 2x then punching enemy's face real hard for a final blow

Story of existence

these are chapters of how Trailblazer became a legend

Chapter 1 The Plan

One night that was dark and weird James Frank was going to a WRB event he saw Zeus and Trailblazer fight at the end he was angry because his favorite robot Trailblazer got destroyed the end of

The event James thought and spoke to himself "Could I possibly create a new Trailblazer" he went home and called an old friend Derrick Mckenzie,Derrick Mckenzie was great with robots and creating them was his job after all so James told him "Derrick would you mind helping me with making a new robot","Yeah man sure just get me some parts and I'll be on to it" Derrick replied but Derrick wouldn't work for free he said that whenever James' robot would win they would split the reward James was thinking until he made a decision "ok I would split the reward but you would have to fix whatever's broken in every single fight" it was ok with Derrick so it was a deal. James was planning that he would steal Trailblazer's broken parts and that Derrick would fix it.

Chapter 2 The Gathering of parts

So James went to the junkyard but only saw Trailblazer's legs but that didn't stop him from giving up on making a new Trailblazer he searched for a body for several hours and finally found one it was Gridlock's old body he took it he tried to search for arms but he could not find anything and he also did not find a head so he went to his cousin Jeffrey in the Robot shop to see if he had any arms and heads he did it was Fatboys's arms and a G2 sparring bot's head he took it to his house but the parts were ugly so he painted the arms with goldish color and so was the head he thought he'd need a core but Gridlock's body already had one so he took it Derrick and got it assembled it was working plus the G2 sparring bot head has got shadow mode so the entire robot has that feature as well he thought of getting a fight so he chose abandon

Chapter 3 First fight

So James challenged Abandon to a fight in Detroit Abandon accepts the challenge and gets warmed up James's robot has only got two days of training left before the fight he trained as hard as he could all day and all night then it was time to fight James along with Derrick drove to Detroit on a truck

when they arrived the pay saw a bunch of posters with their robots and themselves they arrived in the starblazed arena they rushed to the ring TING TING TING the sound of the marks the start of


Trailblazer moves towards abandon and giving him a huge left hook then punches abandon's body Abandon is down for the count 1..2..3.. But abandon gets up and lands an uppercut to Trailblazer, That huge uppercut stuns Trailblazer and leaves him vulnerable in the ring Abandon kicks Trailblazer in his body Trailblazer Tried to Punch him but was countered by Abandon the owner of abandon screaming to James "Should've thought before challenging me huh hahahahah" James eventually ignores him and continues fighting. abandon was destroying him but in a few more second the fight is over and now abandon gets ready for the ice breaker "wait do you hear that"the announcer says in a surprised voice it's the timer 5...4...3...2...1 and the ice breaker was delayed both teams preparing they're robots as the round ends but this doesnt stop the event it's time for


Abandon runs at Trailblazer but he is just waiting there abandon tries to kick Trailblazer but he counters with a huge kick then he carries abandon and slams him to the ground then Trailblazer gets ready for the fist of doom and boom the fist collides with abandon's face and abandon is down 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10 and Trailblazer wins

James won 10k but splits the money with Derrick they both plan for the championship

Chapter 4 The Underworld

When James and Derrick beat abandon they didn't want to fight in the WRB because stronger enemys

are there and Trailblazer has one wire that got cut during the Trailblazer vs Abandon fight so Derrick fixes it but Trailblazer is a bit weak so they decided they would fight in the underworld. James and Derrick went to the crash palace Derrick wanted a quick match against Aquabot but James wanted Midas They played Arm wrestling for it but James obviously wins right it was bout time both robots head on to the ring "TONIGHT OUR MAIN EVENT FEATURES THE GOLD BLOODED KILLER THIS PIMPED OUT BOT IS PROGRAMMED FOR PAIN I GIVE TO YOU THE MIGHTY MIDAS" Midas walks into the ring and does the cross sign "And his opponent who ran in the WRB welcome the Gold Plated Menace Trailblazer 2.0" THIS FIGHT STARTS.......NOW!


Both robots charged to each other Midas falls into the ground but is carried by trailblazer Midas is being punch by Trailblazer's round fists in the body for about 15 times then tries to do the Gravity Slam but was countered by Midas into a head butt Trailblazer moves towards the corner while getting more head butts from Midas and he's gonna go and do the tomahawk blow but Trailblazer reversed it to the fist of doom Trailblazer's fists are heating up and kicks Midas and punches Midas removing his head from his body Trailblazer wins $4000 Derrick only gets 1000 for not helping in the fight both of them knew that a WRB event was happening tomorrow and so they thought that it was payback time they drove to New York to enter a tournament for the championship here are the list of opponents

Trailblazer vs Bio war-win

Trailblazer vs Twin cities win

Trailblazer vs Crimson Carnage suffered in rounds 1&2 but destroys Crimson carnage in the 3rd round

Trailblazer vs Blac Jac minor damage but win

Trailblazer vs Dangezone some wires snapped but win

Trailblazer vs Zeus ???

Chapter 5 Payback Time!

Its time for the championship both Teams for each other's robots walk up to the ring Trailblazer just walks but Zeus runs and jumps into the ring and gets ready ting ting


Zeus walks up to Trailblazer but was punched by trailblazer Zeus move back but was punched again by Trailblazer Zeus blocks the third punch and did the nukefist on Trailblazer Zeus carried him to the corner and used the Gatling steal crushing fist on Trailblazer 5..4..3..2..1 and round 1 is over both teams fix their bots


Trailblazer and Zeus punch each other's face Zeus gets his face almost wrecked Zeus backs up to his corner and was thrown by Trailblazer all the way to the other side of the ring Zeus gets up with a powerful punch to Trailblazer 5..4..3..2..1 Zeus has a disadvantage because his armor was penetrated by that throw


Trailblazer punches Zeus' armor several time before trying to end with the first of doom Zeus counters but it turns it into a more deadly attack the Gravity Slam and Fist of doom mix resulting in a system crash in Zeus core James and Derrick wins $250000 and lived as the champions in the WRB

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