Touchdown 2.0 "The Tackling Fighter"

Celebrate in the endzone, as TD2.0 is back online! Feel free to match it up on Tribound's message wall. All requests are to be addressed by Tribound himself.



Durability: 96/100

Power: 98/100

Strength: 97/100

Armor: 94/100

Special Moves: 99/100

Intelligence: 98/100

Signature Move: Fumble Slam

Handler: Stephen Willford

Origin: United States

Height: 8'2

Weight: 1183 lbs

Entrance Quote: "It's the Tackling Fighter, and he'll slam you all over, get tackling for TOUCHDOWN 2.0!"

Winning Quote: "Someone was just trashed to the junkyard. Have a slam for TOUCHDOWN 2.0!"

Touchdown 2.0's Special Moves

Fumble Slam: The special move of Touchdown in the Real Steel WRB app.

Foot Blow: TD 2.0 does an uppercut from the foot, usually making the opponent fly off the ring.

Touchdown 2.0's Fights (Total)

Abandon: WIN

Albino: WIN

Aquabot: WIN

Zookeeper: WIN

Fumble: WIN

Axelrod: WIN

Zeus: WIN

Excavator: WIN


The owner of Touchdown made a deal. He'll auction Touchdown, and whoever bets the highest will get him. A man named Stephen Willford won the auction with $9,500,324, and took Touchdown for his own.

Stephen added some upgardes to make him better, and he added some metal. Therefore, Stephen gave a new name to him, called...

"Touchdown 2.0"

Stephen grinned at his work. He is ready to fight!

First Match

Stephen went to the Starfire Arena to fight Abandon there. Stephen was all geared up to fight.


The fight started with an uppercut from TD 2.0. Then he missed the next 2 attacks. Abandon was going crazy. He unleashed The Ice Breaker that made TD 2.0 down for 5 seconds. TD 2.0 then replied with a Fumble Slam. Abandon was down for 7 seconds. Then he twists, then he landed a right uppercut. TD 2.0 then ripped Abandon's head off. Victory!

White Hoping

Stephen then challenged Albino at the next day, at Bing Stadium.


TD 2.0 now was taking OVER Albino. He slams Albino. Then Albino lands a blow. TD 2.0 then scores a Fumble Slam. TD 2.0 wins again!

His next two opponents were easy, Aquabot and Zookeeper, which TD 2.0 finished in the first round.

An Evil Twin

The time when Stephen was fixing TD 2.0, he got a message.

"Go to the west of your face and you got the idea"

He did followed the directions, but ended up with an evil twin of TD 2.0! The owner was there. It was the man who hosted the auction last time. Its name is "Fumble".


The fight pits of against the two quarterbacks. TD 2.0 swiftly punches at the first round. Then Fumble did a blow. TD 2.0 ignored the blow and Fumble went to the corner. TD 2.0 then rips Fumble's head off. Done. Stephen then recieves $121,500.

The Nightmare

Stephen wakes up. He saw a knife. Stephen takes the knife and holds the person. The person was the person who made Fumble.

Stephen pushed the guy to the wall. He said, "Don't go to this world if you don't like your robot nor yourself.". Then Stephen pulls the knife out. He said once again, "Let go of yourself.". The guy did the direction. Stephen got the knife, and stabs the guy. He said, "Good Night!"

Then at the next day, another guy auctioned Fumble again, but nobody won. So the guy just claimed Fumble himself.

Beyond the WRB

TD 2.0 was having a good time lately. He even goes beyond the WRB.

vs. Axelrod WIN

vs. Zeus WIN

vs. Excavator WIN


Not too many people knew TD 2.0 all around the world. Untill Stephen found Axelrod. So they went to Paris just to fight him.


So the fight started right away. Axelrod was swinging all over TD 2.0's chest. Then TD 2.0 unleashed his Fumble Slam. TD 2.0 blocks, but it was not too still. The not so still block made an entrance for Axelrod's Mime Punch. TD 2.0 barely stood up. TD 2.0 was having bad timing lately. Axelrod then lands a blow. But then TD 2.0 scores a blow. Axelrod was down. And the fight lands to an end with a cluster of punches from TD 2.0. The two owners shaked hands to each other. Axelrod's owner said, "Maybe we would never fight again.". But that was false.

Long Live the King!

The time arrived when TD 2.0 saw Zeus.

So the fight started with a blow from TD 2.0. Zeus was not doing too well. TD 2.0 then sends Zeus down. Then when Zeus got up, TD 2.0 unleashed a Foot Blow. Zeus almost flies out of the ring. Zeus jumped back to the ring and scored cluster punches. TD 2.0 then responded with a blow. Victory!


  • All pictures are from Real Steel WRB.
  • Touchdown 2.0 is a Stage 3 Touchdown, but soon, if Touchdown is fully upgraded, he will be a Stage 7 bot.
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