Name: Touch Down

Title: The Monster Quarterback - The Football Giant

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online


Touch Down is a robot from the game Real Steel WRB. He is from the tier WRB II and the fourth strongest 'bot (formerly second until Fiend & Crimson Carnage came along) of the game next to Fiend. His unique ability Reconstruction allows him to regenerate health and his incredible strength which will be tough to fight with. You will need skills and a good bot to take him down. Touch Down has weaker punches than most WRB bots, but makes up for it in extreme Health and Special. Zeus only has 800 more health than Touch Down. He's the mini-boss of WRB-II and the opponent prior to Zeus.

Announcer's Quote: "The Monster Quarterback with a blitz attack. He will punch you into the endzone. Go wild for Touch Down!"



Armor: 80/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 60/100


Health: 7900

Attack: 616

Special: 79

WRB-II: 235

Boost: Double Damage


Touch Down 002

Origin: USA

Ability: Reconstruction

Weight: 1100 LBS

Height: 8'2"

Feature: Uranium Core

Special Moves:

1.- Slam Tackle (Original)

2.- Super Slam Tackle (Atom)

3.- Ultra Slam Tackle (Cosmobot)


Touch Down 003

Touch Down bears the resemblance of an American Football player. His chest has a blue glowing core similar to Iron Man's Arc Reactor. If you look at Touch Down's face behind the mask it looks like real human face. He is heavily armored and if you look at him his armor stat should be 65 since there is so much armor, even more than Zeus has. His shoulder pads are constantly making his head invisible during battle since they are very large. His fists somewhat look like blocks.

STAGE 1: When in stage 1, Touch Down will be painted in scarlet red with blue and white trimmings and cyan lights. This obviously to fit his American theming.

STAGE 3: When halfway upgraded, the size of Touch Down's shoulder pads are doubled in size along with increased amounts of leg armor. His paint is also changed for a mostly blue and gunmetal paint, with barely any red.

STAGE 7: When fully upgraded, Touch Down's entire body will be covered in a bright ruby red color with gunmetal trimmings and barely any blue paint, with a sleek looking visor as well.


  • Touch Down resembles an American Football player.
  • Touch Down is the deadliest bot in Real Steel WRB, following Fiend.
  • He has a human-like face behind his mask.
  • His shoulder pads are bigger than his head which makes his head invulnerable during a fight. 
  • Applying the Black/Yellow Pinstripe decal makes touchdown resemble the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Touch Down and Twin Cities are the ONLY U.S. bots in the whole WRB game to be fought in WRB. He is also the most patriotic-looking.
  • Touch Down's name is derived from the main point scoring method in American Football.
  • Touch Down has a Uranium Core that powers him up in his chest, like Iron Man's Arc Reactor.
  • Touch Down's signature move is Slam Tackle, while Tackle's is called Touchdown.
  • Interestingly, Tackle is taller than Touch Down in WRB, but in iOS they are exactly the same height.
  • Touch Down's Reconstruction is possibly operated by his Uranium core.
  • In Real Steel Champions, Touch Down's silver grade resembles Tackle.
  • In the Real Steel WRB game, he has the 2nd most human-like face, with Axelrod as 1st and Cosmobot in 3rd.
  • He is one of the WRB robots that doesn't come back in WRB 2, which could mean he's yet to be added in a future update or was destroyed at some point between RS Champions and WRB 2.
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