Name: Total Speed

Bot Type: Speed/Lightweight/Blitz Cannon

Armor: 79/100

Intelligence: 87/100

Power: 84/100

Speed: 100/100

Strength: 88/100

Core HP: 2896

TBR: 4,380

Important Info:

Height: 7'7" (8' when leg pistons are extended)

Weight: 879 lbs.

Special Feature(s): Small leg pistons that push Total Speed up to quickly dodge or jump.

Basic Moves: Right/Left Punch (Head), R/L Punch (Stomach), R/L Back Kick, R/L Axe Kick, and Sweep

Special Moves: Speed Tackle, Blur Combo, Swift Punch Combo, Quick Stomach Blows, Flip Kick, Comet Punch, Flying Slam, Rapid Barrage, and Brisk Kick Combo

Signature Move: Sky Slam (Jumps as high as he can, does 1 or 2 front flips, and comes down like a meteor onto his opponent with an axe kick. If this misses, Total Speed will be damaged severely.)

Finisher: Speeding Stomp (Total Speed right, then left hooks his opponent, then he does a strong stomach uppercut, and then a left hammer fist that smashes his opponent to the floor, and finally, a piston jump over his opponent, and Total Speed lands on the opposer's head.)

Origin: USA

Backstory: Similarly to Atom, Total Speed was found in a junkyard. He was missing an arm and a core at the time. He was found by a man named Dominic Ranten after a long, long while of waiting, and was taken to a repair shop. There, he got his name, arm (and hand), and core. A year later, he was taken to his first fight, and was successful! He just kept on going and going from then on.

Note: I drew this myself, and I did my best. =) The only battles that will be in the table of contents, will be bosses (Metro, Midas, Twin Cities, and Zeus)


Total Speed v. Bluebot:

Total Speed and Bluebot walk into the ring. the match starts and Total Speed goes in for a right punch. Bluebot dodges and hits the side of Total Speed's head. Total Speed runs up to Bluebot and uses his "Swift Punch Combo." Total Speed finishes the match by giving Bluebot a face full of "Comet Punch." (Wins 2K)

Total Speed v. Six Shooter:

Total Speed meets Six Shooter at the ring, and the match starts. Six Shooter goes straight in with a barrage of punches, but Total Speed dodges them all. Total Speed counters with a left uppercut to Six Shooter's chest, and a right back kick, sending Six shooter flying across the ring. Six Shooter manages to land 2 punches on Total Speed but is then finished off by a "Flying Slam." (Wins 5K)

Total Speed v. Fat Boy:

Total Speed and Fat Boy meet at the ring. The match starts and Total Speed starts of with his "Quick Stomach Blows" move, but Fat Boy is nearly unaffected. Fat Boy throws one punch to knock Total Speed down. Total Speed gets up quickly and goes in for a "Flip Kick" and then a right back kick, denting Fat Boy a little. Fat Boy does his best for a barrage, but fails miserably due to his size. While Fat Boy is out of energy, Total Speed runs up for a "Comet Punch," having Fat Boy knocked out cold. (Wins 5.5K)

Total Speed v. Bio War:

Total Speed and Bio War take their corners, and the match begins. Total Speed goes in for a barrage of right and left face punches, but Bio War blocks them all. Bio War counters with a left backhand, and then a right hook punch, knocking Total Speed over. While Total Speed is lying down, he sweeps Bio War off his feet, and gets up. Bio war gets up after 7 seconds and goes in for a tackle, but Total Speed dodges and does his own "Super Tackle," knocking Bio War over again. But this time, he hits his back so hard it pushes his power core out of it's place taking Bio War out as well. (Wins 6.5K)

Total Speed v. Hollowjack:

Total Speed walks to his corner with Hollowjack waiting. The match begins and Hollowjack spins his fists, and throws punches in Total Speed's general direction. Total Speed counters with a left punch , hitting Hollowjack in the side of the head. Total Speed throws a punch to Hollwjack's stomach, but is blocked and uppercutted in the stomach himself. Hollowjack left hand punches Total Speed's face multiple times, and knocks him down with a right hook to the face. Total Speed gets up just to get kicked down again. He gets up a second time and "Comet Punches" and "Flip Kicks" Hollow jack, but he doesn't go down. Hollow jack finally spins his right hand and overhands Total Speed to his loss. (Losses 7K)

Total Speed v. Hollowjack (Rematch):

Dominic brings his bot to the same ring with determination. He sets Total Speed up in his corner across Hollowjack. The match starts and Total Speed runs up and lands a nice, hard "Comet Punch" on Hollowjack. Hollowjack stumbles backwards as he revs up his hands. Total Speed throws his "Blur Combo" at Hollowjack, who punches Total Speed across the ring, making him fall. Total speed gets up after 5 seconds and blocks Hollowjack's "Laughter Riot," a move Dominic had never seen before. Total Speed shoots a "Flip Kick" at Hollowjack, but misses, and gets slammed to the floor. The referee starts counting, but Total Speed sweeps Hollowjack and gets up. Hollow jack gets up so he can meet Total Speed's heel, which comes down to take Hollowjack's head off. (Wins 5K )

Total Speed v. Midas:

Total Speed faces Midas, and the match starts. Total Speed puts his hands up to block incoming attacks. Total speed right back kicks Midas, and follows with a right, left face punch. Midas stumbles backwards but recovers and throws a "Tomahawk Blow" at Total Speed. The move hits and Total Speed is flung to the floor. Total Speed gets up and uses "Quick Stomach Blows," which hits, making Midas dented a little. Midas does an overhand and a right hook, but misses , and Total speed throws a left uppercut repeatedly at Midas' stomach. Midas falls, but gets up in a matter of seconds. Midas throws another "Tomahawk Blow" but misses, allowing Total Speed to "Comet Punch" Midas in the back of the head, knocking him out. (Wins 9.5K)

Total Speed v. Blac Jac:

Blac Jac meets Total Speed at the ring, and the match starts. Total Speed wants to finish it off soon, so he goes straight in with a "Comet Punch," It lands but Blac jac is still standing. BJ (Blac Jac) Throws a combination of a right and left hook, a left front kick, and a right overhand, but only the overhand hits. TS (Total Speed) dodges a few punches, and counters with a right stomach uppercut and a left jab. BJ uses "Poker Face," and Total Speed falls to the ground. Total Speed gets up in 6 seconds, and finishes off the fight with a "Flying Slam." (Wins 10K)

Total Speed v. Cosmobot:

Total Speed and Cosmobot advance into the ring, and the match starts. Total Speed runs up to Cosmobot, and left jabs him in the head. Cosmobot stumbles and Total Speed does a right hook to Cosmobot's chest. Cosmobot regains his balance, and does a jumping right jab to Total Speed's head that makes him fall down. Total Speed gets up and right back kicks Cosmobot, but gets blocked, and countered with a "Re-Entry Retro Blaster," Which Knocks Total Speed into a corner. Total Speed lands a right, left hook combo on Cosmobot's head, but is then bullied by a repetitive combo of right and left uppercuts and hooks until he falls, and doesn't get up. (losses 10.5K)

Total Speed v. Cosmobot (Rematch):

Total Speed gets set up in front of Cosmobot across the ring, and the match starts. Cosmobot swings a right overhand at Total Speed, but misses, giving Total Speed room to right uppercut Cosmobot in the chest. Cosmobot throws a left and right cross at Total Speed, and then a left uppercut, sending Total Speed up and down to the ground. Total Speed gets up, and swings a right jab at Cosmobot, and then a right back kick, sending Cosmobot down. Cosmobot gets up, and Total Speed bombards Cosmobot with a series of uppercuts, jabs, and crosses all to the head. Total Speed runs out of energy, and Cosmobot uses his "Re-Entry Retro Blaster," which sends Total Speed into the side of the ring. Total Speed recovers, dodges Cosmobot's attacks, and finishes off the match with a "Comet Punch." (Wins 8.5K)

Total Speed v. Sun Wukong:

Total Speed meets up with Sun Wukong at the ring, and the match begins. Sun Wukong goes directly in for a right hook, but Total Speed dodges and uses his "Swift Punch Combo," making Sun Wukong stumble. Sun Wukong goes in and does a combination of a left and right jab, then a left uppercut, and finally, a jumping right jab. Total Speed is sent to the side of the ring, and he uses his "Super Tackle," which knocks Sun Wukong over. Sun Wukong gets up to do a left backhand, but Total Speed dodges, and uses a combo of 3 left stomach uppercuts, a left head uppercut, and a right hook, which sends Sun Wukong down for the count. (Wins 11K)

Total Speed v. Nitro:

Total Speed is set up, and Nitro is standing in the opposite side. The bell rings, and Total Speed goes in for a 'Comet Punch," but is blocked, and uppercutted across the ring. Total Speed hits the corner, and Nitro whacks Total Speed's head. Nitro tries to do it again, but Total Speed dodges and left then right uppercuts Nitro in the stomach, but he is nearly unaffected by it. Nitro slams Total Speed with "Burnout Punch' and Total Speed is knocked down. Total Speed gets up, and swings a "Flip Kick" at Nitro, making him stumble. Total Speed uses that chance to barrage Nitro's head with overhands, uppercuts, and hooks. Total Speed gets depleted, and Nitro hammer-fists Total Speed down. Total Speed gets up after a painful 9 seconds, and successfully smashes Nitro's head off with another "Flip Kick." (Wins 11.5K)

Getting an upgrade:

Dominic and Total Speed have won $57,000 together, and Dominic is thinking about giving Total Speed an upgrade. Dominic wanted more power, armor, and strength. With $57,000 to spend, it allowed for a lot of upgrading. So he called a 12 year old technician by the name of Jayden Guthrie [Ben Jackson (owner of Annihilator)'s technician] to help him with it. [The Next Day] *Knock, knock, knock. Dominic walks over to the door of his apartment, and opens it.* "Hello, who might you be?" Dominic asks. "Oh, uh, I'm Jayden. Jayden Guthrie, and you wanted your bot,'Total Speed' to get an upgrade for power, armor, and strength?" "Umm. Yes, I did. Come on in." Dominic replies as he closes the door behind Jayden. "Umm. I'll just need to check your bot to see what I need to do." Jayden looks at Total Speed, and says,"Oh wow, this guy is a definite speed type. And are those pistons on his legs!? That's clever!" Jayden checks the bot again and comes up with a price and plan, "Well with what you want to do, it'll cost you exactly $10,500 for it all." "Really!? Only that!? I thought it would cost way more!" "Nope. It's really quite simple actually." "Oh, well that's really helpful. Should I pay you now, or later?" "Now would be good. I need a few more parts." "Ok, here's your $10,500!" Dominic gives Jayden the money and they shake hands.

Testing the Upgrade:

"Thanks for making the upgrades for me, I really appreciate it!" "No problem. It was real easy to give him an extra hard metal armor." "Well thanks again. I have the perfect bot to test it on!"

[Later] Dominic drives over to Crash Palace, he challenged a pretty popular pair there: Atom and Charlie Kenton.

Total Speed v. Atom:

Total Speed and Atom walk towards each other and the bell rings. Atom goes in to do a right hook, but Total Speed bounces away and left uppercuts Atom. Total Speed does his specialty "Blur Combo," which makes Atom stumble onto the ropes. Total Speed bounces up and forward to Atom for an axe kick, but Atom dodges and uses his "Uppercut" move, which makes Total Speed fall down. Total Speed gets up for a "Flip Kick," It lands, and Atom stumbles. Total Speed barrages Atom with punches and kicks until he falls. Atom hits the floor just as Total Speed gets depleted. Atom gets up after 5 seconds and uses a right uppercut, then a left hook, a left stomach uppercut, and a jumping right overhand. Total Speed dodges them all, and goes in for a "Super Tackle," it hits, but Atom stays up. Atom swings a powerful right hook at Total Speed, but Total Speed bounces away, and "Comet Punches" Atom down to his defeat. (Wins only 4.5K 'cause Dominic said that's all it would be)

Back to WRB Fights:

Total Speed v. Excavator:

Total Speed meets up with Excavator, and the match begins. Total Speed bounces towards Excavator and left jabs him in the face. Excavator goes in for a right for a right overhand, and then a left uppercut, but misses. Total Speed hits Excavator with a jumping right uppercut, and then a "Blur combo." The "Blur Combo" gets blocked, and Excavator counters it with a double uppercut, which sends Total Speed down. Total Speed gets up in 4 seconds, and thrashes Excavator with all kinds of punches and kicks to the head. Excavator bombards Total Speed with hooks and uppercuts, but Total Speed dodges, and jumping left overhands Excavator's head until it falls off. (Wins 12K)

Total Speed v. Twin Cities:

Total Speed and Twin Cities face each other, and the match begins. Total Speed leaps forward and uses a "Comet Punch," but Twin Cities dodges, and right jabs Total Speed in the face. Total Speed throws a barrage of punches, but only a few hit correctly. Twin Cities counters with an uppercut, a left jab, and a jumping overhand, smacking Total Speed down. Total Speed gets up in 7 seconds, and lands a " Rapid Barrage" on Twin Cities, but Twin Cities knocks Total Speed down with a "Hypnotic Flurry." Total Speed gets up and tries to hit Twin Cities with a right axe kick, but it gets blocked, and Twin Cities knocks Total Speed's head off with a left uppercut. (Losses 20K)

Total Speed v. Twin Cities (Rematch):

Total Speed snd Twin Cities face each other, and the match starts. Twin Cities hurls a right cross at Total Speed, but Total Speed dodges, and uses a "Flying Slam" on Twin Cities, but he doesn't fall down. Twin Cities throws a barrage of punches and 6/11 attacks land. Total Speed is flung to the ropes, and spots an incoming attack. Total Speed dodges the attack and throws his "Sky Slam." The attack hits, and Twin Cities is smashed to the floor. One of Twin Cities' eyes pops out from the impact, and Twin Cities gets up. Dominic chuckles as he sees Twin Cities' face, and Total Speed throws a "Swift Punch Combo." Twin Cities stumbles backwards, but regains his balance, and hits Total Speed with "Hypnotic Flurry," making Total Speed fly to a corner, and hitting his head on the bar taking Total Speed out. (Losses 22K)

Total Speed v. Twin Cities (Rematch #2):

Total Speed walks in front of Twin Cities, and the match begins. Total Speed goes straight in with a "Swift Punch Combo," making Twin Cities stumble. Twin Cities throws a right then left jab combo, then a right uppercut and a jumping left jab. Twin Cities misses, and Total Speed counters with a "Comet Punch." Twin Cities falls onto the ropes, and Total Speed uses the chance to bombard Twin Cities with a "Quick Stomach Blows." Twin Cities lands a right hook, and a left uppercut on Total Speed, which makes him fall. Total Speed gets up and does a right, left jab combo. Twin Cities regains balance, and knocks Total Speed down with "Hypnotic Flurry." Total Speed gets up, jumps, and puts Twin Cities down with his signature move,"Sky Slam." Twin Cities gets up slowly, and Total Speed uses "Speeding Stomp," and wins the fight. (Wins 20K)

Total Speed v. Zeus:

Total Speed and Zeus meet up, and the match begins. Total Speed bounces straight into the fight, hitting Zeus with a right jab, then a "Rapid Barrage." Zeus is unaffected, and he clobbers Total Speed with a right hook. Total Speed goes flying, and lands in the ropes. Zeus nearly destroys Total Speed with "Relentless Assault," but Total Speed dodges and smacks Zeus in the side of the head with a "Comet Punch." Zeus actually gets affected this time, but he regains his balance, charges at Total Speed, and blasts his head off with a left overhand. (Losses 25K)

Total Speed v. Zeus (Rematch):

Total Speed meets with Zeus again, and the match starts. Zeus goes in with a left uppercut, and then a right jab, but misses, and Total Speed counters with a "Comet Punch." Zeus charges back, and slams the back of his hand at Total Speed, but misses again, which allows Total Speed to use his "Brisk Kick Combo." Zeus uses a strong left hook at Total Speed, sending him flying to one corner. Total Speed gets his head smashed by Zeus's "Brainstorm," and Total Speed falls to the ground. Total Speed gets up, and throws a "Flying Slam" at Zeus. Zeus goes for a right jab, but misses, and Total Speed gets behind him, and bombards his back. Zeus turns around quickly and backhands Total Speed to another corner, making Total Speed's power core slip out of place. (Losses 25.5K)


Total Speed v. Zeus (2nd Rematch):

Total Speed meets Zeus for the 3rd time. Dominic is hungry for a win, and is eager to take Zeus down. He's so confident he raises the prize to 65.75K! The match begins, and Total Speed slams a "Comet Punch" into Zeus as hard as he possibly can. Zeus stumbles crazily, and Total Speed follows up with a "Rapid Barrage." Zeus gets pushed to the ropes, and Total Speed goes for his "Super Tackle," but Zeus dodges, and uses a left hook to Total Speed's head. Zeus smacks the back of Total Speed's head with a right uppercut, and Total Speed stumbles forward. Total Speed dodges 3 attacks, and counters with a right jab, left uppercut, "Sky Slam," and a "Flip Kick." Zeus falls, and Dominic starts to party, while Tak Mashido stomps his foot angrily. Zeus gets up, and throws a right uppercut to Total Speed's head, but Total Speed dodges, and slaps a left hook to Zeus' face instead. Zeus finally jumps, and comes down to hammer-fist Total Speed. Total Speed simply just gets out of the way, and finishes the fight off, with the most powerful "Speeding Stomp" he's ever done. (Wins 23.5K)

Party Time!!:

Dominic drives home after his fight, and when he gets there, he starts celebrating! He invites all his friends and family, orders all kinds of food, buys a piñata, and even hires a DJ (Man he's happy... =D)!

Custom Bot Fights:

v. Annihilator:

Lose | A.K.O | -$12,500

Battle Log

Bot Name KO Loss AKO
Bluebot X
Six Shooter X
Fat Boy X
Bio War X
Hollowjack X
Hollowjack (Rematch) X
MIdas X
Blac Jac X
Cosmobot X
Cosmobot (Rematch) X
Sun Wukong X
NItro X
Atom X
Excavator X
Twin Cities X
Twin Cities (Rematch) X
Twin Cities (2nd Rematch) X
Zeus X
Zeus (Rematch) X
Zeus (2nd Rematch) X
Annihilator X


  • Total Speed's leg pistons grow to 3"
  • Dominic Ranten found (most of) Total Speed's body in the same junkyard as Atom
  • Total Speed was made with steel and iron.


  • Dantek MXVII for Jayden Guthrie, Ben Jackson, and Annihilator
  • ButterToast74 (me) for art and info
  • Tribound for the Creating a Custom Bot page
  • And Shawn Levy for creating Real Steel
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