Power: 65/100

Speed: 65/100

Armor: 50/100

Intelligence: 60/100

Special: 55/100

Special Move: Daunting Dash

Special Feature: Tantell Hydraulics in left leg and arm


In a newly opened car dealership, a robot, nicknamed "C-3PO" because of it being originally painted a golden-brass color, was brought in to work as a mechanic. However, since it was new and still being updated, it malfunctioned. What it did was accidentally pour in wrong fluids, like headlight fluid in the coolant, and antifreeze inside the gasoline tank. Many customers complained, and "C-3PO" or as the other mechanics like to call the robot, "The Tin Man", was evidently retired and was donated to Metal Valley. Raymond, finding this golden robot, bought it for a good price and repainted it. Seeing that an arm was destroyed, he bought Axelrod's spare right arm.

Chapter 1: GGWP

Raymond rushed to Crash Palace directly after buying Torque. This was a huge mistake, as Torque didn't know any fighting moves at all. Not even a simple punch. Why Raymond still went? He's really not sure. As soon as he got to Crash Palace, he challenged the weakest robot open for a fight, Aquabot, repaired about the 1,000th time after getting destroyed by far superior robots.

Round 1

Raymond fumbled to get the controls of Torque to work. Torque looked menacing, now he had to play the part. Torque had artificial intelligence, but it would be useless to use because it was for fixing cars, and not boxing. Raymond turned on manual controls. When he moved Torque, he just did this slow walk. He didn't even put his hands up or anything. He just walked. Aquabot then proceeded to deal some massive hits, severely damaging Torque. This was all a huge mistake. Aquabot kept attacking, and Torque just stood there, soaking up each it. Torque was getting mauled, so Raymond turned on its artificial intelligence in the hopes of Torque surviving. Torque started to move. People in the audience were laughing and rooting for Aquabot. Yes, for the first time, rooting for Aquabot. All of a sudden, like a miracle, Torque began to block Aquabot's punches. The audience was covered with expressions of shock. Torque began to fight, but now Raymond was controlling him. Aquabot got annihilated. However, Torque was in bad shape after Aquabot's pummeling.

Chapter 2: Hidden Feature

It turns out that Torque was developed at first as a boxing trainer, then it was donated to a car company after human boxing went out of style.

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