Tornado (Fan made bot)

Tornado 2

Tornado is a bot owned by someone called Weasley

 Tornado's stats

 Power:99/100 Intelligent:84/100 Speed:99/100 Armor:85/100 


Tornado Fury

Chapter1: Buying Tornado

Weasleywas on Ebot trying to find a new robot because his last robot a BYOR bot was so badly destroyed by BlueBot at Crash palace that he cant fix it.Then he saw a robot name on the list saying Tornado. So he bought it, when it arrived he tested out "Wow!" Weasley said. Tornado can rotate its torso 360 degrees like a tornado.esl

Chapter2: Crash Palace

When Weasley was in the Crash Palace BlueBot's owner said to him "Oh, back for more?" In rage, he challenged BlueBot. The grand prize is $9,999. BlueBot's owner thought that he would be rich this time. The first match bell rang and the two bots was in the ring.Tornado unleashed Tornado's comb move:Tornado Fury.Tornado spin its torso and both of his arms wide and got near to BlueBot's head and it went flying.'NOOOO!!!!' BlueBot's owner screamed.He told Weasley " You got lucky punk! Next time I would come back with RedBot2.0.!"

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