Not the sharpest nail in the Toolbox.
Vital statistics
Title the construction bot
Generation Presumably 2
Bot Type Mighty Glacier
Status Working


GENERATION: Unspecified(Presumably 2)

BOT TYPE: Mighty Glacier


As his build suggests, he is a big, tough construction-yard inspired brawler. Toolbox came into being after members of a construction company pooled their funds together to build a robot of their own. For some of his parts, they welded on some old pieces of machinery, making him an extremely durable fighter. When he was first assembled, they used him as the company mascot... but as time wore on, his battle records dropped, and at this point fans have dwindled. Now, he is only supported by a small clique of construction workers.

Fighting Style

Though his movements may be bulky, he has a deceptively long-lasting power charge, meaning he does not exhaust easily. You will find that he’s not that tough if you make the effort to dodge his attacks.


With a construction yellow body, a wrecking ball, and a hammer as his fists, he looks like a jackhammer with arms and legs. But strangely, despite his hefty figure, Toolbox is currently the shortest 'bot at only 7"4.   His legs are very wide, probably to compensate for the 'bots immense size. His head is very blunt and flat, even furthering the 'bot's in real steal WRB game his fists can be resembled to Biowar but he mostly resembles Excavator. 


Strength: 51/100

Speed: 15/100

Intelligence: 14/100

Special Moves: 28/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 1455
Core HP 2247
Power Charge 1832
Total Attack 2987
Total Defense 2170
Resilience 8
Damage Recovery 3
Power Recovery 7
Average Punch Speed 2
Movement Speed 3
Mobility 4


  • Toolbox has no fists, just melee weapon hands. These weapons resemble a hammer and a wrecking ball, two tools used in construction sites.
  • He and Excavator mght have been made by the same companies (Because they are both similar to constructing vehicles !)
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