Height: 6’10

Weight: 210 pounds



Armor: 80

Intel: 50

Agility: 60

Announcer quote: The dark blade that strikes in the night, that came crawling back from the grave, it’s Tomahawk!

Ability: Backup Volt:

If Power core is destroyed, can send enough power from a hidden part in wiring to power Tomahawk for 30 seconds.

Special Equipment: Rotating arms

Special Moves:

Spin Cycle: Kicks enemy into the corner, and spins hand on opponents neck joints.

Slash Spin: Backhands opponent, then spins around, repeatedly hitting opponent in the face.

Tomahawk Counter: When opponent attacks, he dodges left/right, then rushes forward and heabuts them while moving head up.

Origin: After the original bot Hollow Jack, owned by Roman Feeko’s Uncle, was mostly destroyed, 3 years later Roman’s uncle retired, leaving the parts to Roman. Obviously, he was no scientist. Only 16 years old, he really didn’t know much. But he was determined to try. He learned from his dad, also a bot builder, he managed to wire Hollow Jack partially back together. But he was missing a rather important part, his head. Not knowing how to find it, he gave up on it. 6 months later, a anonymous letter told him he had the head, and to bring $500 to pay for it. He told his dad, and they found the house. The owner of the house Evan Maynord, also known as the leader of Team Fear Factor, a Underworld Robot Fighting Faction, had taken notice. Evan promised to fix the bot in exchange for a cut of the money. Roman happily said yes. The repairs finished 2 years later. Then, the first fight. Roman had reluctantly agreed to let his dad control the bot at first. Now 20, Roman was legally a adult, but if the robot got trashed he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. They had gotten a fight with Auqabot, sort of a legend for being bad. Evan was confused why the owner kept it, but he didn’t complain. Ding Ding! The fighters leave their corners. Aquabot lands the first few punches when, one punch is batted away by Tomahawk, then he rushes forward and heabuts aquabot’s powercore, doing heavy damage, but not finishing him. Aquabot runs forward and attempts to weave by Tomahawk when, Tomahawk lands a Slash Spin, knocking Aqua’s head off, finishing it. Yes, this was the birth of a legend.....

Tomahawk v Bio War

After his first fight, Tomahawk just kept going. His next opponent was Bio War. The fight began. Bio war immediately charged and landed a few punches. But then, Tomahawk landed a Tomahawk counter, dealing heavy damage and knocking Bio off balance. Tomahawk proceeded to force Bio into a corner, repeatedly punching him. Then, just as Tomahawkwent in to finish him, Bio weaved by and nailed him with a kick to his back, forcing Tomahawk into the corner. Bio spun his arm on his neck power core, doing massive damage to it. The count started. 1...2...3...4...5...6..7... A sudden volt of power arced through Tomahawk. He got up, much to Bio‘s surprise, and punched twice, then landing a uppercut that would prove fatal to Bio War.

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