"Every Legend has it's fall... But there has yet to be one without a successor" - Janise Keri, 2025

Titan is the successor of the old legend Ragnarok. Armed with the latest tech and a powerful swinging arm, Titan shines best when going all out with physical attacks. He's capable of taking most hits thanks to a Chromium and Titanium alloy that covers most of his body. Despite his Game Breaker Archetype and Powerful Armor, Titan produces enough heat to warm 10 small families in a single battle. CPU meltdown is a problem, and is the reason Titan tends to evaporate often after special moves.

SPEED: 94/100

POWER: 95/100

ARMOUR: 90/100


SPECIAL: 75/100

OVERALL: 441/500




Moves: Titan Slammer, Rampaging Uppercut, Blockade, Killing Blow, E.M.A, Shingeki no Kyojin, Brutal Bash, Boulder Slam, Beast Strike

Known Weaknesses: ˜åπ´≥ ƒˆ˜ß †˙´ ˜åπ´ †ø ˚ˆ¬¬ øƒƒ †ˆ†ån

Strategy: Differs, making him Unpredictable

Rip Off: Jager (German for Hunter)

Special Features: Human-like build, Chromium alloy armor, Emergency Piston Release Valve, Exhaust Billets, Quick Access Electric Maintenance Grid (Q.A.E.M.G) located on [NAME REDACTED], Infernal Overclock.


Extra Info

It appears that this bot emits heat rapidly in order to support its movement system, a combination of piston and rotary movement. Multiple vents can be found, especially around the arm and torso region, where movement occurs the most in a fight. Because of this, multiple coolant pipes and exhaust vents work together in order to purge heat from the system. This exhaust comes in the form of steam and vaporizes in a long line of steam along the upper body.

Some more sources of curiosity is the benefit of Rotary-Piston Movement and the need for a release valve. Rotary movement is an excellent source of risk-free movement, as the lurking fear of losing pressure is banished from the mind. However, it is usually slow, as opposed to a piston's fast and furious tendencies. Piston movement is a less stable, yet furious movement commonly used by the Fragile Speedster Archetype. Often used when they want to get close, robots with piston movement tend to be so reliant on Piston Movement that if you damage enough pistons, the entire movement system starts to fall away.

It seems that the combination of these movement types allows them to counteract their cons, to act as one giant, immovable pro: Immobilization Resistance, which allows it to take heavy blows without losing speed or it's ability to damage. Moving onto the next curiosity, a Release valve is located on the upper torso of the robot. While it's activation is more like that of a Button, this emergency exhaust seems to be able to flush up to 5 tons of steam from the system. This system seems to be installed for the sole purpose of preventing a CPU meltdown during interval after a difficult fight.

Armor Plating Layout

Titan, despite being a Game-Breaker, has different features that make his bot type unknown at first glance (Clandestine, if you will). Titan's armor is separated into medium sized plates around the shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, hip, and knees to allow for mobility, while the torso region has larger, thicker armor pieces to defend against stronger blows. However, when push comes to shove, and the need for rapid, powerful blows arises, some of the plates can move out of the way of the joints, similar to the Mark 5 Iron Man Suit's collapsing plates. This will allow Titan to move to speeds close to a Fragile Speedster, but will also mean that striking these vulnerable positions with the exactly the right amount of force will render that affected joint weaker.

Self Repair

While still a work in progress for armor plating (Sometimes the back-up plates get jammed and come loose), Titan can repair his inner workings. There are few parts that can be repaired on his own, though. Coolants, Ventilation and Pistons can be repaired due to small silicon pellets bursting and filling gaps in the hull, while Rotors can be "Repaired" when Titan forces it to move (shifting it from side to side), which can get jammed joints moving again. However, joints that have been hit while the armor plates move out of the way can only be briefly repaired by a small knock on it. These repairs made by Titan take a short moment, but aren't as effective as professional repairs, think of it as the Far Cry Primal primitive healing, where you take out an arrow (From the knee) or snap your thumb back into place.

Move Details

Titan Slammer: A rapid string crosses, uppercuts, jabs and flashes, Titan Slammer is a so-called Armor Breaker move that can uproot Steel and/or lighter metals, and dent heavier metals like Titanium. After Titan Slammer, the user has a small downtime to flush out excess steam (Up to 3 kilograms) before it comes back into the fight.

Rampaging Uppercut: Drawing the arm back, and filling the pistons to their max while also disabling the rotors, allows for a pretty powerful blow that can stagger and severely damage key points in a robot. Depending on how long it is charged, it has a varying downtime to vent.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Translates to Attacking Titan): A Powerful move that is hard to defend against, The Attack on Titan theme plays while the opponent is bombarded with a string of blows that seems surprisingly similar to Eren's Titan's Martial Arts. While the theme is playing, Titan's speed and power are pushed to the max, but his Intelligence suffers a hit of 54. This seems a lot like a rip off, but the blows do way more damage to the delicate structures inside it's opponent. Again, It must flush steam, but this Steam is thick and hard to see through, acting as a soft barrier.

Brutal Bash: Powerful enough to rip off a limb, Fast enough to cause Titanium to snap open, Brutal Bash is a powerful move if Titan has to disable it's opponent to vent steam, especially after difficult moves or combos. If used on the head, The enemy bot will be completely disabled, unable to move.

E.M.A: Standing for Eviscerate, Maim, Annihilate, E.M.A is the strongest move in Titan's Arsenal. Half Rip-off, Half Game Breaker Move, A Total Rage Mode similar to Ragnorak's Overdrive like this is capable of completely annihilating the target in question. Unfortunately, After such a strong move, there is a 1 minute downtime to balance out heat. E.M.A is only viable at time close to interval or finishing off an opponent.

Special Traits

  • Overwhelming Strength: Titan is extremely powerful, being able to take down bots like Scrap-Bot or badly assembled bots with Brutal Bash. Sadly, this makes fights short.
  • Steam Emission: Sometimes hiding in a cloud of steam can help in a fight. Heavy exhaust pours out of Titan in a fight, and that can be used as cover or room for a surprise attack.


Ragnarok laid on a workshop table. Since being retired, he was being used for part testing. Another robot was being worked on to the right. Janise was working overtime in preparing this one, and it seemed to be made from brand new parts, not junk like Rag was once.

First Fight: Aquatic Smackdown

Titan's first fight came. While going anonymous for now, Janise Keri was able to get a fight with Aquabot, a robot that loved the taste of ground. With a powerful bot, Janise thought that Aquabot could be a good test driver to try out Titan's abilities in a real fight.

Round 1

Titan just stood in his corner while Aquabot was being revved up for the fight. Janise had taken the time to observer Aquabot's build and discovered Aquabot was a Fragile Speedster, meaning it would just take a few punches to end the fight. But Janise was going to play around with her opponent before going in for the kill...

Aquabot swung first, a simple jab, and missed. Titan had dodged to the left and was circling around the Atlantic Bot. Titan's opponent turned to face Titan and threw a small Combo, which was able to connect with the body of Titan. Unfortunately for Aquabot, the metal covering Titan was merely scratched. A few dodges, blocks and small punches occured, but Aquabot was not ready for a sudden uppercut to the chest. With the pressure in Titan's arm and the fragility of Aquabot, the Torso imploded, leaving a dent a bit bigger than Aquabot's head. The bot from the deep looked at his chest, and then wasn't looking anymore since Titan had punched his head CLEAN OFF HIS BODY!

Log 10-14-27: Fight Results

Titan has shown remarkable mobility even under pressure. His overwhelming strength was able to punch in the armor of Aquabot, but it has to be questioned whether Titan can take on stronger bots. The next Crash Palace Fight is with Six-Shooter, after that Bluebot and Ambush, Fatboy and Biowar, and then Metro. We'll see if Crash Palace truly has what it takes to hurt a newbie's pride.

Chapter 2: Six-Shots, or only 4?

Titan's next fight was Six-Shooter. The Cowboy-Themed bot looked like a Brawler, but further inspection revealed he was a Jack, a type that Titan could do well against, since Distribution of power isn't always the best thing in a fight.

Round 1

Six-Shooter went for the first blow against Titan. A simple cross that connected with Titan's head, which ended up with Six-Shooter being attacked by a right bomb. Six-Shooter dodged backward. Different from Aquabot, Six-Shooter was being tactical, going for vital areas like the head and arms. However, Six didn't exactly know about Titan's immense strength, so Janise had to play Mighty Glacier to keep the fight long. Six was Fubbernucked from the beginning, mind you. A few crosses, combos and sneaky underhand fight tactics was what made the fight interesting.


  • Despite being a powerful boxing machine, Titan is Janise Keri's least favorite bot.
  • Titan is the first Game Breaker Janise has made
  • There are 2 Versions of Titan: This one is One-Punch, so named due to his strength. The other one's name isn't confirmed, but his archetype is a Demon Wall
  • Titan will have a Final Battle theme when he goes against Zeus, It's Call Your Name.
  • Titan was based off of Saitama, but toned down just enough to make him beatable
  • Titan's parts are based off of multiple bits of anime
    • The Steam Emission is from the Titans from AOT
    • The Overwhelming strength is from One Punch Man
    • E.M.A is inspired from Eren's Martial Arts
    • The Killer Vibe is based off of multiple Yanderes
    • Brutal Bash is based off One Punch Man
  • When Titan is cooling off, he can still use combos and less heat-generating moves.

Operation: Death Scourge Mods

Titan is participating in the Operation Death Scourge Collab/Event, and he has a few extra upgrades up his sleeve. These will not appear in his fights.

Systematic Emergency Flush

Titan is likely to be overwhelmed, even though he's a powerful bot. For this, Two large vents can open up to flush a LOT of heat from his system. So much that it starts flaming.

T-45 Hydraulics

These hydraulics are much more durable than his normal Ones. They can be run over by a train and be found in a More-or-less fine condition. The pack more oomph than a Nuclear Bomb and are strong enough to punch a robot's head clean off. However, they don't heal like Titan's normal Ones.

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